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All I want for Christmas is @Amazon!! (cc @Amazonsilk) or @Amazon is like My Daddy Warbucks!

First off, I have to say, when I became an Amazon Prime member a while ago, I really never expected much. Yes, I was addicted to ordering off of Amazon and I loved the shipping and handling options I was given, but that’s really about it.

Yet, Amazon has become my Daddy Warbucks. I sometimes feel like Annie, singing in the window, trying to be contented with life, but hoping for better. Then comes this conglomerate rich man, who is all so powerful, but he keeps treating me so right.

Whatever you want to call it, Amazon makes me smile and to know they are coming out with a tablet…

Yeah, I had to take a moment because the joy that fills my heart at the thought of having Amazon in my hands. Not just a Kindle. Oh no, A TABLET!

Now maybe you don’t remember my tweet!/sylviahubbard1/status/116794503427403777

Yeah, I was delirious writing that because when I get excited, I don’t know where my fingers may fall.

Now @Amazon and I have already had relations together. As an author, I’ve been loving Amazon since they put my first book on their site back in the early days and then I became an afflilitate! I thought that was awesome until Ebooks took off! OMG!

Every Month, I’m loving Amazon as they drop my royalties into my bank account like a good baby daddy should!

So as I was aware of my growing attraction to Amazon, I think yesterday I was clearly pushed over the edge on a technology Ecstasy high.

Yesterday, as I was racking up networking with, I was looking at the feeds from Twitter and loving the new announcement Amazon was making, wishing I could have been there personally, but loving social media for making it seem like I was there.

And then I visited my Amazon this morning as I always do (after twitter and facebook) and I saw the most beautiful thing that made me cry:

Kindle Fire

Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

I thought I died and gone to technology heaven because it’s so beautiful!

Why I like this:

1) It’s color!

2) Finger touching is always good!

3) As a Prime Member of @Amazon, guess who can watch movies all day and all night (Don’t worry @Netflix, I promise to keep you around still, but you better keep making me happy with more content)

4) It’ll be fast! That’s what all that @AmazonSilk talk really is. With it’s own browser, it’ll be running like the million dollar man in heat chasing the million dollar woman – on and off the Internet.

5) It comes with games and apps. I’m not a game player, but it’ll certainly shut my 10year old when we have to go somewhere and wait.

6) A million books…. (I’m sorry I passed out again from the happiness) As an avid reader and writer, this is glorious!!

7) it’s an MP3 player that streams from my cloud on Amazon

8) It ain’t big and it ain’t small. I like that size a lot in more ways that one.

9) It has email capability. ‘Nuff said!

Now the one thing I couldn’t find about this is if (as a writer) I must know, if it has writing capabilities.

That will be a downfall. I want to be able to type and write notes on there and be able to save it to a flash or even email it to myself.

We’ll see, but for now… Guess what I want for Christmas… well shute, don’t guess:!/sylviahubbard1/status/116794503427403777

and just in case you didn’t know. My wishlist is public:

Just in case you’re wanting more questions or dig deeper into my insanity about this, here’s some tweets & video for you to check out!/Mediabistro/status/119159950428749824!/AmazonKindle/status/119067979265744896


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