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Pound 7 September, 2011
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Monique D. Mensah
Dark Drama/PsychThriller
Authoress Monique D. Mensah


Who Is He To You


Inside Rain


Smoke Screen



Contest Question:  

In SMOKE SCREEN by Monique D. Mensah, what gave the Man Eater new motivation to kill Dennis Boyer?  



Jumata Emill Jones
Paranormal Mystery/Thriller
Never Dead

Contest Question:

In NEVER DEAD by Jumata Emill Jones, What New Orleans restaurant served as the backdrop for the lunch conversation where Danielle convinced a reluctant Emerson to attend his high school reunion? 



Nakia R. Laushaul
Inspirational Fiction


The Truth as I See it: In Poetry and Prose


Running From Solace 


Contest Question:  

In RUNNING FROM SOLACE by Nakia R. Laushaul, why didn’t Mrs. Fildhurst give Xavier and Genesis a key to her house? 



Traci Bee
Urban Contemporary Fiction
Two Tears in a Bucket

Another Tear

Contest Question:

In TWO TEARS IN A BUCKET by Traci Bee, After the horrible shooting that killed Mr. Curtis Johnson, where did Felicia attempt to hide the gun?




Pheare Alexander
Psychological Horror
Str8 Laced



Contest Question:

In STR8 LACED by Pheare Alexabder, what was the first gift delivered to Dr. Reynolds, and who did it originally belong to? 




Dasaya Cates
Dramatic Suspense


Shark Pool




Contest Question:

In BLOODLINES by Dasaya Cates, what did Halle find in Lena’s jewelry box that caused her emotional distress? 



Gregg Burton


What Happens Overseas, Stays Overseas


Fool’s Eye


Contest Question:  

In FOOL’S EYE by Gregg Burton, what happened to Linda to make her want to have sex for the first time? 



Dear Sylvia,


I am proud to introduce you to an exciting new project that will change the literary game, and have the Internet buzzing for months to come! Pound 7 Presents . . . And the Plot Thickens! Seven authors of seven different genres are bringing you ONE story. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it’s FREE. Join us on this literary journey into the unknown. Prepare yourself for suspense, thrills, horror, romance, paranormal activity, and a little urban flavor. Check out the authors, watch the trailer, get involved in some cool contests, and let’s have fun!

7 Authors, 7 Distinct Voices, 1 Story 

No One Knows What’s Next!  

. . .And the Plot Thickens!



Pound 7 presents ...And The Plot Thickens
Pound 7 presents …And The Plot Thickens

Watch the Pound 7 Trailer and see what the buzz is all about!

What is Pound 7?

One afternoon, while avoiding her responsibilities, bestselling author, Monique D. Mensah, came up with a fun and quirky idea that would change the literary world. She called six of her closest and most talented author friends, Nakia R. Laushaul, Traci Bee, Pheare Alexander, Gregg Burton, Jumata Emill Jones, and Dasaya Cates, and # 7 was born. Get it? “# 7.” Seven authors, and the “pound” … well, it just sounds cool! This is how it works: One of the authors will start a story. It could be about anything, but rest assured, it’ll be GOOD. The author will write one chapter, and then leave it. The next author will write the following chapter, picking up where the last one left off, and the next author will pick up after that one, and so on, just like the game you used to play as kids. You remember that game at summer camp, right? Well, they’re doing it with a whole new spin! The seven authors won’t discuss the plot between them; so none of them will know where the story is going. That will keep it fresh and interesting, and probably a little crazy!  


Beginning October 7th, the # 7 team will post a new chapter every week until the story is complete. With seven unique voices, you can expect a touch of dramatic suspense, a pinch of emotional drama, a little urban flavor, some paranormal creepiness, a dab of blood curdling horror, a few psychological twists, and some hot and steamy romantica. When you stir it all up, you get one juicy story. Sounds good, huh? You have no idea, but the cool thing is … neither do they!


Pound 7 Not So Trivial Pursuit

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Are you a literary know it all?

Do you pay attention to every written detail?

Well, we’re going to put you to the test!


 Every four days, until our October 7th launch, we will post one question from each of the Pound 7 authors’ most recent novel. Be the first to answer all 7 questions correctly on October 7th, and you could be the winner of a brand new Amazon Kindle! 


Download the e-book or purchase a paperback copy of the Pound 7 authors’ books to answer the questions. Save your answers until October 7th and post them on the contest page of the website: www.pound7.com. If you do this right, you’ll be ahead of the game for our second contest:, Guess the Author.     




So put your game face on. 


Ready . . . Set . . . Win that Kindle!


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7 Authors, 7 Distinct Voices, One Story

No One Knows What’s Next!

…And the Plot Thickens