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Age of Innocence (The Nia Trilogy)

Age of Innocence By Kimberly Purpoz

Purpoz has been a professional writer and author for over 12 years. She is the owner and founder of of Messenger Inc. and  was the publisher of Creative Minds Magazine.  Kimberly is an author of several books under her current name and her previous pen names (Kimberly S. Phillips and Kimberly Ware). Purpoz started writing under her new pen name in February 2011. She has written several books and co-authored one book. The following are the titles of her books and series: “The Nia Trilogy”, “How To Release The Book In You” co-authored with Dr. Johnnie Swanson, “Heal My Wings: A Healing Guide for Women” and “Heal My Wings: A Healing Journal and Workbook for Women.”
Purpoz is also the author of the upcoming teen book series “Candace Green Mystery Series”. She completed the first two books to herurban fantasy novel series called “Foreshadowers”. The first book to “Foreshadowers” was released on Kindle in February 2011.  The first book, “Age of Innocence” to her urban fiction series was re-released by Messenger Books.   All of her novels are based on her dreams.
Under Kimberly Ware, She also writes for Associated Content and The Examiner.com.
http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=motowritnetw-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=B004UICU42&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifrKimberly is a graduate of Georgia State University. And is currently attending the American Institute of Holistic Theology to pursue her Master’s degree in Metaphysics. She is also a teacher and spiritual healer. Ware is also an artist and uses water color as a medium for her paintings.
She is a sought after speaker and conducts the Heal My Wings, Spiritual Pathway, and A Recipe for the Soul Workshop Series, seminars, and keynotes through out the country. She was also a speaker for the United Way Speakers Bureau. She is currently a speaker for the Great Black Speakers Bureau.
She has received many awards and recognition for her work. She was the 1998 Final Nominee for the Georgia Author of the Year. And she was nominated Who’s Who in Black Atlanta in 2000. She was nominated for the 2001 issue of Who’s Who National Registry for Business Executives. Purpoz was nominated for the Georgia Author’s Hall of Fame from the University of Georgia, under her previous pen name. And she was nominated and a member of the 2007/2008 Cambridge Who’s Who

Q&A with Kimberly:

When and where were you born?
A: I was born on December 9, 1972. Oh no I am giving away my age! Ha, Ha, Ha! I am a Sagittarius, for those who are into zodiac signs. I grew up in Decatur, Georgia what some people from that area used to call “The Dec.”
Q: What types of books do you write?
A: I write spiritual books, romances, mysteries, urban fiction, urban fantasy, paranormal, and young adult fiction. 
Q: Where do you get your ideas for your novels?
A: My ideas for my novels come from my dreams; that is why I keep a dream journal handy!:-) 
Q: How long does it take you to write a book?
A: .It takes me about 3-6 months to finish both my spiritual books and novels depending on my schedule. 
Q: Do you have a pen name?
A:My previous pen name was Kimberly S. Phillips.  I will be phasing off of the Kimberly Ware name due to divorce.  And my new titles will be under my new pen name, “Purpoz.”   “Purpoz” is a play on the word purpose.  The “Z” at the end of Purpoz represents zeal and zeal means power.  “Purpoz” means power in your purpose.
Q: What do you do during your spare time?
A: I love to watch movies, go for walks, to work in my garden, and paint.  I love to use watercolor for my art work.  I am also into drawing comics.  I am looking to turn my Foreshadowers series into a graphic novel series and comics.  I’ll keep you all posted with my art projects.
Q: Tell us more about your current and  future book projects.
A:  “Age of Innocence”, book one to The Nia Trilogy Series, was re-released in March 2011 by Messenger Books.  I have just completed the first two books to my new urban fantasy series called “Foreshadowers”.   I will keep you all posted on my website.
A coming of age fiction about young love in da hood!
The Age of Innocence is the first book of the Nia Trilogy novel series. An urban classic street lit that foretells a saga of love, passion, hood life, street gangs, sex, violence, money, and power which weaves a web of deception.
Drug Lord, Q, has his eyes on his beautiful stepdaughter, Nia. Nia’s beauty and innocence is was what made Q want to draw her into his sinister world of human trafficking. Rachel, Nia’s crack addict mother gets entangled into Q’s illegal activities. Rachael witnesses a high profile murder spree; she vanishes with out a trace.
Nia finds the courage to run away and leave the dysfunctional home, but unfortunately she was placed back into the same dilemma by a social services system that failed.
Nia get some support from her high school sweet heart, Clay, but is he really there for her in the long run? Will peer pressure and gun violence ruin Nia and Clay’s lives? Will Nia be able to handle these problems that are beyond her age of innocence?


Journal Entry #1
Dear God:

     I am new to journal writing. So if I don’t use proper English please forgive me Lord. Grandma Maria gave me this journal so that I can write down my deepest thoughts. She said it was a great way to talk to you, God. I want to share my feelings with you. And I want to do right by you because I want to go to heaven one day. Right now I am only fifteen years old but I have to grow up real fast.
     I miss Grandma so much that it really hurts deep down inside. It’s been three months since her death but my heart still yearns for her. Will this feeling of hurt ever go away or will it forever linger? God please bless me with a family and home.
September 1986
     I reached the towering buildings of James Monroe Housing. I opened the door to my building and went up a flight of stairs.
     When I got home I heard commotions going on inside mama’s apartment. From outside the door, I heard Rachel’s voice and a male’s voice yelling in the background.
     I opened the door. Rachel was in the living room pleading with the local drug dealer name Q which was short for Quinton.
     The living room had holes and stains all over the walls. Instead of having lovely curtains hanging in the windows, there were cheap floral sheets covering the window seals. On top of the battered wooden end table there was a picture of mama, during mama’s earlier years when she was not abusing drugs. In her pictures she was a beautiful woman, but years of street life was beginning to take hold on her body; her beauty was beginning to fade away.
     “Rachael, where is my money?” Q cursed and grabbed her thin arms and shook her. He threw her on to the floor like a rag doll.
     Mama was dressed in an extremely short, provocative, purple colored mini dress; her cleavage was showing. Mama’s once long silky shoulder length hair was now in disarray. Q was a chestnut complexion with gold streak in his hair. He had shaved line designs going through his hair and had the letter Q shaved into the back of his head. He had a gold herringbone necklace around his neck.
     “Q, please-”
     I closed the door and my heart was pounding as fast as a locomotive and my palms were clammy. I wanted to help mama but I knew it was too dangerous. He had a gun strapped to the back of his pants and he was known in the community for killing people with his street gang.
     Rachael saw me standing by the door, Q’s gaze followed Rachel’s.
     “Nia what are you doing here?” Rachel got up and adjusted her short dress.
     “Oh I see Rachael, you have a little girl. I didn’t know that you have such a fine little thang. Maybe we can keep it all in the family.” Q gave a sinister grin.
     “Q, stay away from her your beef is with me!”
     “I’m not going to give you anymore credits, Rachael!” Q turned around and approached mama.
     “But there is one is thing you can do for me that would change my mind.” Q took his long index finger and caressed her cleavage. His dark evil eyes stared into hers.
     “Come on Q, my baby is here.”
     “You owe me! Don’t make me cut you in front of your baby girl!” He cursed and glared into her eyes. He grabbed her arms real tight.  Rachael winced in pain.
     “Ok, Q But not out here.”
     “Baby, mama will be right back. This won’t take long.” Rachael blinked back her tears.
     “Get your butt in here!” He cursed and smacked her hard on her bottom. He pushed her into the bedroom and slammed the door shut.
     I sat in the living room and waited for mama. I could hear them moaning in the other room. I heard the head board from the bed banding against the wall. I shook my head in disgust.
     Q opened the bedroom door. He adjusted his pants and had a dirty grin on his face.
     Rachael’s hair was puffy and in more disarray, she stepped out of the room and pulled down her dress and adjusted her dress straps.
     “Here’s ya damn drugs.” Q threw the crack rocks on to the filthy floor.”
     Rachael plugged on to the floor in desperation. She was like a stray dog in the street foraging around trash cans for food.
     Q shook his head, “You junky whore.”
     Q then turned his attention to me. I was sitting on the corner of the couch.
     “You are a cute thang. I can have you walk the streets and sale your sweetness,” he reached over and caressed my face. I turned my head away in disgust.
     “You stay away from her! You got what you wanted now leave!” Rachael stood up.
     “I’m leaving. I’ll be over again for some repayment options. You still owe me.” Q gave Rachael an insinuating look and winked. Rachael’s eyes were filled with tears.
     Rachael closed the door.
     I rushed towards mama and hugged her.
     “Mama you don’t have to use those drugs. I miss you.”
     “I miss you too, baby.”
     “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be over Thelma’s house.”
     “I know, but I wanted to see you, mama, and make sure you’re ok.”
     “I’m fine.”
     Mama was sweaty and was beginning to tremble.
     “What’s wrong?”
     “I need it baby.”
     “Look baby, I need you to leave it is not safe out here.”
     Rachael picked up her crack pipe and walked me towards the door.
     “Now Nia, go back to Thelma’s and stay there. My life is complicated right and I just don’t need you in the middle of my mess.” Rachael scratched her head in frustration.
     “Ok mama.”
     Mama closed the door behind me.

Age of Innocence (The Nia Trilogy)
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