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I’m Done… Finally … Hope is Love… #amwriting #readers

Hope Is LoveI can’t believe that I have finished this book …. finally.

I started this journey back in February with every intention of finishing it by April.

Life is a funny thing and it also gets in the way while working with Murphy’s Law. (I think Murphy’s Law is a child of Loki.)

But through time and a lot of perseverance I have placed the last word  – over 82 thousand words for the reader’s pleasure.

Of course this is much longer than Love Like This

I even added an Epilogue to explain a lot of what’s going on in the sub-characters life.

Just to let you know who are the sub-characters in the book, here’s the list:

Now as you can see there are three characters with no last name. I think I did give the sisters (Paradise and Nevada) last names, but I’m positive I’ve never given Shadow her last name.

Although some have figured out who she belongs to, (story spoiler) Shadow IS Sharlie Costello’s daughter.

(end of story spoiler)

If you know Sharlie Costello, she’s currently the bond between the two families I write about (The Bellini’s and The Hearts). The only person who stays in contact with her is Taylor Bellini, but Onyx now needs to find her and question her about the paternity of Shadow Heart.

I do need to go back and of course re-do and play out a lot of scenes and the Epilogue is really only about 1400 words, but I need to add a little bit more of the past story line to show what Onyx will do and how her book is going to play out.

Yes, Onyx will get her book but after Lethal’s. It’s really gotta happen that way and not because everyone wants to hear about Lethal.

Reader Question: When is Lethal’s book coming out?

Answer: Soon.

That’s really all I can say right now. I’d love for some big publishing company to swoop in and say let us publish that and here’s a nice big fat check so you can write some more. (But leave me with movie and e-book book rights.)

Gotta get to JA Konrath status for that one though. LOL

So with all this, I’m going to look for an editor for this book and then hopefully have this ready by August. Any readers that would love to handle Hope is Love, just hit the contact button with the name of the book. You’ll get to read the rest of the story and you’ll get first dibs at the next story, His Substitute Wife… My Sister (a paperback version), a free copy of Deceptive Nights and also Dreams of Reality (the upcoming e-release for July) in exchange.

It was very difficult with Hope and she had to struggle within herself in the life she really wanted for herself. I did fall in love with James and loved how he loved her very much even before the book was going into the midpoint.

It could have been very easy to allow Hope to just accept her happiness and stop looking a gift horse in the mouth, but when has a human decision even though it seems very easy to make, ever makes people just say I’m going to choose the no strings attach happiness? Really? Honestly?

Humans tend to make everything hard and I want real life in my books.

She was very frustrating, but with Onyx showing her how really difficult females can be, it was fun opening Hope’s heart to love.

So with all of that, I’m happy to say my 26th book is done and I’m happy to have finished this baby off so that I can get on with the next baby, His Substitute Wife… Coming soon to a paperback !

Yes, a paperback….

Stay tune!

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