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Feature on Fatal Deception/ In Plain Sight By Michelle Kershaw from @AAMBookclub

Just how far would you go to save a friend?  In a city where dead men tell no tells, and things are never what they seem who can you trust.  Is all really fair in love and war?  When hearts are broken and egos are bruised all bets are off.  DeAndrea Patterson- Black is an all American woman looking for love, happiness and a successful career. Greed and lust threaten to keep that all just out of her grasp. Friends and family rally to her side to bring her through her darkest hour. In trying to help DeAndrea everyone learns a little more about themselves, proving you can’t see the forest before the trees and what you are looking for just might be in plain sight.

This dramatic novel reveals the complicated nature of the relationships individuals hold with their families and close friends. I tried to develop the characters throughout the course of the novel as they face realistic scenarios in an effort to help the audience better relate to the storey line. I hope that “Fatal Deception: In Plain Sight” will inspire readers to look closely at their lives and their relationships.

 Excerpt:“Just chill D, we came here to relax and enjoy ourselves tonight. Besides, since you started working for Thomas and Associates, when was the last time you just let go?”
Come to think of it, I hadn’t. I had been working 70 hour weeks since I graduated from grad school. I hadn’t had much time for myself or for anyone else. I began to survey the room.

The room was dark, that was to be expected in a lounge. There were at least 10 guys that look like GQ models and several women who needed a ham sandwich. There was a dark skinned average Joe sitting near the fire pit. Hell even the bartender was cute.

“Since I am here I might as well have a drink.”  I begin to nurse a purple guppy when the bartender places another in front of me.

“I didn’t”….

The bartender cuts me off and said “It paid for by the gentleman at the window.”

I turn and notice it was the same man from the fire pit. “Tell him thank you, I said to the bartender. ” M cuts me off to tell the bartender that I will keep the drink and to tell the gentleman thank you.

“Girl when do we ever turn down free drinks, are you crazy? Now get up off your cute ass and go tell the man thank you.” I begin to protest but I am distracted by a light brush against the back of my arm.

I turn, and hear a man say,
“Hello. I am David.”

As I stand there taking stock of the man that is so brazen I hear M. say, “She is DeAndrea and I am Emerald.”

“Good evening to both you ladies. David appeared to be a well groomed man.  He had an appeal to him. He was Taye Diggs dark, with the most beautiful eyes. There was huskiness about his voice. Little did I know that same voice would be saying “I do” to me a year later.


South Carolina native Michelle Kershaw attended Montgomery University, where she earned her degree in business administration in 2003. She then earned her degree in legal studies four years later at South University. While pursuing this degree, she came across the idea for her first novel.

Get to Know Michelle:

1. What inspired you to write?
 I began writing as way to express myself. I am inspired by everyday life and the people in it.

2. Will you write more books?
 Absolutely!  I am currently working on the second novel in the Fatal Deception series, entitled Jaded Thoughts.

3. Who is your favorite author?
  I just like a good book. I can’t pick a favorite. There are so many fabulous writers out there.

4. What are you reading now?
 Current events, they give me comedy, tragedy,  drama the news is better than television most day.

5. What puts you in the mood to write?
 Neo-soul music is truly my muse.

6. This is your first published work?
This is my first published novel. I began publishing poetry at the age of 9.

7. Anything you plan to do differently the next time?
As I learn about this industry there is always something new. I would definitely network more.

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