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Coming soon to paperback: His Substitute Wife… My Sister (Partial Preview of Cover) #readers #hsw #amwriting

Excited, Nervous and Anxious about this one.

It’s different from my other books meaning my other books. I did a lot of research on this and put a lot of time.

Plus It’s one of my longest books I’ve written. I’d thought about breaking the book up, but so many people said DON’T.

I like that my readers enjoy my stories and that I can deliver so much of them.

Yet, the feedback given by the initial read through has been wonderful and now that I’ve gotten it fully edited and almost ready to go, I’m nervous, excited and anxious.

Do you want to read the excerpt? (You can print it off too) Click here

Here’s the old cover:

My graphic designer loved the concept and stuck with it. I’m always sensual without being nasty. Here’s just the back cover from the new design…
As you can see Parker is a very busy man, but what man isn’t.
If You want to know more about Parker, he appears in Love Like This. Yes, the man who is partnered with Nicole in the laundromat business is one and the same. I like when books intertwine like that.
What do you think of the partial cover and if you read the book, what did you think?

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