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Seriously Slacking on Hope is Love & What I’ve Been Sneaking Around Working on: Sin’s Iniquity (#amwriting)

Yeah, get the belt out. I have three chapters written, but I’ve been hesitating on posting them since I finally figured out the end of the story and I’m trying to get the time to finish it off, edit it and post it for download.

(I’m referring to Hope is Love).

What happened?

I bought this:

(If you can’t see the image, go to:  I also did a review, so scroll down on the page to check out my review.

I seriously bought it at CVS for $40 dollars just to give a friend a recommendation on it and meant to return it right afterwards , but enjoyed the reader so much, I’ve kept it. I haven’t caught up on so much reading and I feel so rewarding and exhilarated. Now I can’t sleep, I just want to read all the time!

Isn’t that awful!

To test the pdf function, I decided to download two of my books on there. An epub formatted book, Diamonds in the Rough. I’m such a fan of this recent work and wanted to re-acquaint myself with this work as I start on working on Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart. This book contains lots of information about the beef in the Heart Family that I need to make sure everyone’s story is consistent.

I wanted to tests pdf file formats on the LookBook Reader as  well.

So I decided to download one of my pulled books that’s currently in light editing. This one I’ve been meaning to check out because it was such a hit before I pulled it.

Now I know what the hoopla is all about. I haven’t read this work in a couple of years since writing it. It’s really an amazing piece of work if I must say so myself and with the easy of reading from my LookBook, you’re just talking about reading Valhalla!

So sparked with imagination, I made a new cover for the book:

Still a work in progress of course, but commendable to say the least. I love the larger and clearer image of the couple. Sensual as well.

I’ve come up with so many ideas just from that, that it’s kept me distracted, but I’m asking my readers to please be patient. I’m hoping that I can get through this phase in the next day or so and be ready to finish off the end of Hope is Love.

Trying to think of a price for both books. I was thinking $2.49 for Sin’s Iniquity and $.99 for Hope is Love.

You tell me.

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