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A Day In The Life of The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard – Anointed Pen Conference – Ebook Seminar! Fun Day!

My day at the Anointed Pen seminar on April 16th.

Thanks to Mike for taking these pictures. You can check out his other photos at: and if you live in the Metro Detroit area and have an event, you can contact him. He’s awesome!

Photo 1

This  me and my writing friend, Cliff Hubbard. he’s da best! (No relation other than he likes to tell me he’s my forgotten husband cuz i work so much on my books. LOL) Check out his website at: I like his new books. He’s busy working on his new greeting card line!  He so ‘mart!

Photo 2

I’m speaking about ebooks hoping I don’t overwhelm anyone. I’m such a hands girl when I speak. Can’t help it! Keeps my nervousness away and lets me focus so I don’t keep saying, “um.”

Photo 3:

The best assistant in the whole world and producer of The Michigan Literary Network radio show: Andrea Daniels.

She’s also an awesome editor. This day she was helping me set up my table and she brought me coffee and breakfast. I love her! She’s like over the top bestest for me so don’t try stealing her away! grrrrr!! I love you Andi!

Photo 4

Look but don’t look. This is before I actually go in the mirror and they had technical trouble with the laptop, so I said they could use the purple baby but they had to handle her with care. Y’all know i’d just die if I lose another laptop.

Hadn’t taken my scarf off yet and combed my hair, so I do look like who dunnit, what for and don’t evah do again.

But when my peers need help I have to come a calling no matter how I look, rite? LOL

All in all, it was an awesome day and if you missed the Anointing Pen conference, boo on you! But if you want to know where I’ll be speaking again, go to:

Welcome new readers to The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard!

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