Hope Is Love – Chapter 21.2 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

And you really thought I was done, huh?

Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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Her legs were shaking and the tip of him felt so good resting at her aperture. She could feel the vibrations starting at her opening that seem to draw him in without her even pressing down.

Good was not even the word Jona could have imagined at that moment. Delicious!


Her legs slowly gave way pressing him deeper and deeper inside of her. The more he moved inside of her, Jona was convinced James was some type of sexual deity – a full sexual super human Jona could not resist.

Jona had not problem giving in easily to his mouth his hands and then his body as she slid slowly down on his thick long shaft until her Venus touched his groin. The air seemed easier to breathe and ever inch felt like electricity flowing through her skin.  It didn’t take long for james to put his hand on her hips and began to lift her.

Jona groaned, but then gasped as he moved her back over his manhood. Yes! He wanted her body just as much as she wanted hers and his passionate kisses and hands clearly showed her he did.

When Jona figured out she would have to use his body to bring her self to another culmination, it did not take long to take control. James was still letting her be the leader of this orgasmic feast where he was the ringleader, but Jona had become his performance.

Controlling every stroke inside of her, moving faster and faster didn’t keep back James for long. Soon he was taking control, gripping her hips and showing her how to bring them both to fruition.

“Sweet Jesus, woman,” James growled as his body stiffened under her and he rocked his hips award.

A warm gush could be felt between her legs and Jona was no stranger to what was happening to him as well, which made her feel so powerful. This man had a weakness – her.

Jona could feel her nails tearing up his back and wanted to apologize, but couldn’t because she was enveloped by the tormenting sexual bliss. Her insides felt outside and her consciousness had shut down to open up to the purest pleasure she had ever experienced.

James wasn’t done though. Regaining his equilibrium first, he grind his body against her, pulling her hips tight over his groin. His firm hand held her back as he slid out of the chair and laid her on the floor all the while never missing a stroke and planting kisses over her cheek, neck and chest. Jona just enjoyed the ride as he kept her body fully aroused varying strokes from hard to rough. With his long lean torso he was able to maneuver kissing her and moving his hips, so his shaft continued its journey to bring her back to ecstasy, but this one was different.

Not as quick as the last one. Matter of fact, Jona knew he was teasing her making her almost come, but deliberately slowing his stroke just before her peak until she found herself begging him.

“Please James. Please don’t stop.” She kissed him, touched him and grinded her own hips to show she was given her acquiesce. Her body had long since surrendered, now her mind and heart were giving him everything he wanted until tears were falling from her eyes in frustration.

Holding her close, he kissed away her tears and whispered, “I will give you anything you desire, Hope. Anything.”

At that moment the floodgates of fulfillment were released between her legs and all she could do was hold onto him with screams of appreciation reverberating from her mouth.

There was a brief moment when Jona didn’t really know if she was even in reality and she yielded to James love making completely giving her incredible happiness from her ends of her hair to the tips of her toenails.

Confusion was very prominent in her mind once she returned to reality because she wanted to know where she had gone wrong in believing sex was just not something she should enjoy. Most times sex had been thought of as a means to an end. On the streets she learned giving her body to a man was either to have a baby or payment for room, board and food. She had seen women sell their bodies for a sandwich or a bottle of alcohol.

Yet never had she known anyone having pleasure for sex. The very idea seemed foreign.

“That frown doesn’t feel like I’ve pleasured you, Hope,” James said with worried disappointment in his eyes after rising slightly more to look down at her.

Blushing Jona had almost forgotten he was still lying above her watching her react.

“It’s not you,” she said.

“But you’re thinking something damn serious,” James noted.

Shrugging Jona didn’t know if she should discuss what she was thinking. She wished there were a set of rules laid out for people, but if they were written Jona wouldn’t be able to read then.

James slowly moved away from her and Jona didn’t realize why until she felt his softened shaft dislodge from her. Arching her back from the sensual sensation Jona couldn’t think of much for those long seconds, but that just gave James the opportunity to sit her up with her thighs over his and his arm supporting her back. He wanted to talk and he wanted her to understand she had his full attention.

It took her a brief moment to think about what she was going to say, but pushed her shyness away to question him. “How did you do that?” was her most prominent question for him.

James threw his head back and laughed and then kissed her as if he were rewarding her. “Before I can answer that question can I ask what was good about it to you?”

Excitedly she said, “Everything! Really James,” she insisted when he laughed again. “I didn’t know about the mouth thing and then you made me want it so bad. I’ve never ever wanted it before.”

He looked a little bothered. “Never Hope? What about a crush or when you found a man attractive? Didn’t you have some attraction to some guy that made you wonder what his lips tasted like.” He briefly kissed her. “Or his skin felt like?” He caressed her shoulders and face before kissing her again.

Jona almost forgot her question and couldn’t speak, but was able to shake her head.

“What about the guy you lived with?” he questioned looking a little bit more bothered.

Simply she explained, “That was a means to an end, James. I served him.”

Perturbed he said, “Slavery was abolished a very long time ago, Hope. You were forced to make a hard choice and he took advantage of your situation. Any man who uses his assets to keep a woman is not a man.”

She frowned, “But isn’t that your point? Isn’t that why you show me all you have today? To entice me to stay?”

He shook his head. “I showed you all this to let you know what I have, you can have without any strings attached.”

“In return, you want my body.”

“I’m not going to lie, Hope. Now that I’ve had a taste of your luscious body, I’d give my wealth over to keep you, but I would not be happy if you stayed here because you felt you had no other choice. I’m still giving you the reward that I promise and once the cops don’t need you to stay close anymore, you will have a choice to do as you please.”

“That means I could leave and never be with you any more, right?”

He grimaced, yet nodded. “I wouldn’t want you to, but yes, you can.”

Jona took a deep breath because she could have said something about Monica now and then he would have helped, but then she’d have to let him know about the past and why that case meant so much. Jona didn’t want him to get involved. There was too much pain and sorrow. Biting her lip, she took another deep breath. She could tell her imprisonment was a sore subject for him, but then if she told him about the past, that could cause more upset for him. Going back to her original subject, she said, “The only thing I’ve ever wanted more of was food, good health and a secure warm place to stay the night. Those were necessities. What you did with me is not, so that is why I’m confused. What’s horrible is that I want more!

“You say it like that is a bad thing,” James said sourly, but amusement leaping around those startling green eyes. “I can accommodate you in a few minutes if you desire,” he promised with a kiss to her lips.

Every part of her wanted to scream yes, but it was wrong. Pushing him away slightly she shook her head. “I want you to stop trying to seduce me and answer my question.”

James gently cupped her face and started with those wonderful kisses she couldn’t ignore. Jona indulged him knowing they’d have more time tonight to explore how he did this to her, but right now, she wanted to enjoy James just a little bit more.

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  2. wonderful update!!! i wish hope could just take a chance just this once and trust james with whats going on. i was reading really fast but i dont remember anything about a condom so maybe they made a little james hee hee!!! it would be REALLY cool if james suddenly remembered monicas role in that nite he got shot and then put the rest of the story together. i just dont think hed be mad at hope for taking his ring knowing and actually living her life for a while the way he did. imagine how happy james would be if hope was carrying his child . im a sucker for a baby and a hea ending.

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