Hope is Love – Chapter 20.3 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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14 thoughts on “Hope is Love – Chapter 20.3 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

  1. Does anyone else have the feeling Monica going to be pissed when she sees how James is with Hope? I think for Monica her part in James shooting is way more than money.

  2. Oh my damn…please let Hope just tell Nicole everything…Nicole already told her she could tell her when anything was bothering her and she wanted it to stop and above all that she could trust her. Hope is smart enough to know if anyone can help and protect her it would be Nicole because of her ability to control Ethan and everyone around her as well as her own life.
    Obviously Monica’s motive to get Hope away from James is because she wanted James for herself and with the knowledge that he wants Hope while he didn’t want her, she wants to make sure no one else can have him. I want to see things work out for Hope and James and see Monica get her due reward for her treachery and threats. So, here’s hoping that Hope/Jona is approaching the end of her journey with fear, abuse and hardship and beginning her happily ever after. Maybe the drama & mystery of the Crump family will continue in a sequel??

  3. I hope Jona tell someone what Monica say to her. I hope Jona don’t leave but stay and fight.

  4. Man I really hope she tells Nicole everything and do not chicken out! She needs to tell someone onthe fake Monica, Chelsea or whatever her darn name is. Monica needs a taste of her on medicine and she needs a reality check. Someone needs to kick her in her a**. Please don’t let Jona continue to be a scary cat because of Monica.

  5. I agree, Sylvia, please let her confide in someone, I dont want to see her back on the streets running cause of this tramp!

  6. I hope she tells Nicole! I am loving the relationship between Jona and James.

  7. I hope james tells hope about what they at her place; that way hope will know about wealth and tell james abt that bitch

  8. I think Monica want Hope out of the way so that she can finish with what she failed with James.

  9. I think Monica want Hope out of the way so that she can finish with what she failed to accomplish with James.

  10. I wish James will tell Hope as soon as they step out of the house, about what they found out of her background; that way, Hope will know she’s rich and she doesn’t have to go away because of her case. I want her to tell James about that witch, Monica instead of leaving.

  11. I hope Jona opens up and confides in Nicole and James. Maybe James will be truthful and reveal his amnesia is gone. Then maybe they will set a trap for Monica and her associate in James’ attempted murder. I love the updates. Keep up the good work.

  12. oh my that was HAWT!!!!!! please oh please let hope tell nicole everything from the ring to monica!!!!!! if she could just have a little faith just this once i know itll pay off in spades!!!!!! lovely update!! will this book be available for purchase when its finished??

  13. Please, please, PLEASE let Jona tell Nicole what the skank Monica is doing. Maybe they could come up with a way to get Jona’s pencil case back without her leaving.

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