Author’s Note: Hope Is Love Summary Chapter 1 – 16

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Meet Hope, but most people call her Jona. She was a person living in the world, but not living on the inside.

Bad things happen to good people and Hope was the person we lose in the systems and grow up just going from day-to-day trying to make a dollar out of the pennies she find.

But she’s smart on the street. She keeps to herself, but she’s just there. A body without a soul and she’s going nowhere.

Then meet James from Love Like This .

He’s one of the bad characters that once the story is over you really don’t give a fig about. Now he’s lost again and you’ll find him here in Hope is Love.

Yes, to the fans who have been asking, it’s an interracial and of course I bring Ethan and Nicole into the mix. I don’t know if I’ll bring Jaelen or any of Ethan’s other friends. Parker might stop in and I’m not sure about the Hearts. I might have to get one or two to help me solve a mystery, but I don’t know if it’ll be Lethal or Onyx.

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Chapters are as follows:

chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.2

Chapter 5.2

Chapter 6.1

chapter 6.2

Chapter 7.1

chapter 7.2

Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.3

Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9.2

Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.2

Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11.2

Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.2

Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.2

Chapter 14

Chapter 14.2

Chapter 15

Chapter 15.2

Chapter 16

Chapter 16.2

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30 thoughts on “Author’s Note: Hope Is Love Summary Chapter 1 – 16

  1. So glad u did this, I missed a few chapters because I was trying to use the calendar. I even forwarded it to people at worm to read. But I warned them it’s addictive.

  2. I’ll try to use this as a post update as well ….
    if i can remember…

    Hope is Love Chapter 17.1

  3. Oh sylvia, u know just how make one forget her problems easily to concentrate solely on ur talent.

  4. After chapter 23.22 is there any more chapters? I cant find any more chapters after that

  5. Is the a follow up book after hope is love to find out more about shadow and the sisters ?

    1. the mysterious mr black is the next book to read in the series of the black family.

      Sisters come up in the King’s Paradise and later on with another surprise Heart of Detroit Series

      Shadow pops up in Onyx story, which is right after Stealing Innocence story.

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