Hope Is Love – Author’s Note

Don’t be scared, I’m not about to stop.

This is just to say, I have misplaced my flash drive and was unable to work on the continuing story today.

I was upset about that and worried about the whereabouts but I know the flash drive has to be either fallen in my car or at my house in my room where I think Hurricane Katrina has attacked continuously.

Please don’t worry.

I will try to post soon.

I’m really sorry.

5 thoughts on “Hope Is Love – Author’s Note

  1. thats quite alright sylvia; you take all the time you need. ill just be over here in the corner rocking back and forth and scratching my arm until you post lol!

  2. Sylvia, if you leave us hangin on this story I will be heading to the D to find you! I will be the crazy lady swinging the phone pony at all your events, screaming that you ruined my life! 😀

  3. hey sylvia!! just checking to see if you updated. i hope you find your drive. i hate when i lose stuff. hope to catch up with james and hope soon!! im dyin ova here lol!!!

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