Hope is Love – Chapter 14.1 | free Live Work In Progress

Hope is Love – Chapter 14.1 – Work in Progress – Live Story Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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PS:  Yes, I’m speaking of Tanner Tanner from Tanner’s Devil.

PPS: Umm, yeah, this is King Heart the one and the same. And yeah I know he’s not supposed to step foot in Detroit. And yeah, I know that must mean  … here comes trouble…

13 thoughts on “Hope is Love – Chapter 14.1 | free Live Work In Progress

  1. Um excuse me…did she say King Heart???? I think I jumped up the same as James lol.

  2. The injured guy was King Heart or King was the guy in all white? I am slightly confused by that sentence.

    Good chapter Sylvia, keep it going!!

  3. wonderful update sylvia thanks!!!!! i have no idea what all the excitement is about regarding these other people though. guess ima have to play catch up lol!! more please!! cant wait to find out how she got away from him. did she get pregnant by him or was it the two thugs who attacked james? hmmmmm sooo many questions!!

  4. Just so you know, everytime I see “the literary world of sylvia hubbard” pop up in my inbox, I say, “yaaaay, new update”…I don’t know who king heart is, but I figured he’s a big deal…now I need to go find out. Its getting good, looking forward to more…

  5. Great post Sylvia. What a tangled web you weave, but I love it. I can’t wait to see where this goes. Anything involving King Heart has to have a twisted side to it.

  6. So is this David, the person Lethal is looking for ? I don’t want to spoil anything for the other readers just a little curious lol And also, James is related to Xavier Black right through the marriage of his father to that crazy lady ?lol I love how all your stories are connected and I get to piece all the information together, truly a gift. I just hope you bless us with another post today (wink, wink) lol Keep up the good work! And yes, to the previous comments anytime King Heart is mentioned trouble is sure to follow…

    1. thank you Stasia for the update

      i wonder how i keep up with all this mess in my head.

      umm, i gotta keep the Xavier Black connection to myself for a sec. Due to the fact that Xavier was a different kind of crazy. LOL

  7. Damn, Damn, Damn, in my Florida Evans voice. This is some mess! That was a great chapter and poor Hope is in the middle of some Hearts drama. I would hate to be in the middle of that mess. I don’t want to give to much away but I see why Hope was in hiding and watching her back!

  8. Oh my goodness. Sylvia you really put a super twist in here. I thought I had things figured out about Hope and how she got pregnant but you showed me.. Keep it coming!!!!

    To the ladies that are new to The Lierary World of Sylvia Hubbard get your hands on everything she’s written. You WILL NOT be disappointed. It’s worth every cent you spend and then some.

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