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Reader Question: Book Prices & Stealing Innocence Update

More reader questions. Keep them coming!!

READER QUESTION: I have order rough diamond and silent lynx. May I suggest that you increase cost to more than a 1. When I read description of stolen innocence I did not think I would like it but it was well written and a great read. I have order all you books from amazon and I have to tell you are under selling yourself. Your work is great

AUTHOR ANSWER: Since these are more or less novellas, except for stealing innocence, I let them go as .99 or $1.00.

My thicker novels in the upcoming month will be more… as my popularity increases (Of course with your help of speaking the words about my books).

The stealing innocence I is the introductory and as you can see the price does go up when you get to stealing innocence II.

For the upcoming series continuation, there’s going to be stealing innocence 2.5 and then stealing innocence III.  Those books will be slightly higher in prices.

But to be honest in it all, I love to write so much, I could write for free. Unfortunately with three mouths to feed, I do have to charge something or the kids will eat me out of house and home.

I hope to make more money in the paperbacks than the books and I pray for a publishing deal that would let me just sit back and write.

Thanks for your support again.

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