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Hope is Love – Chapter 4.1 & Author’s Notes

Author’s Note: I want to thank the new readers joining us. Currently we’re at 68 readers.  (Stop refreshing your screens as if a post is magically gonna pop up – u know who you are. And no texting the author asking what’s gonna happen? What’s in the dumpster? How much can I pay you to send me stuff in advance?) LOL. Those won’t work.

Before we get to the story, there’s a Reader Question:

New Reader Question: Is there a set time when you post? I’m at work and I want to schedule around that time.

Author Answer: Creativity has no time. Unlike some other author’s who might do this, I really do go off the fly in my head and actually type the story up as soon as I create a new post. There’s no telling when that’ll hit me, but once I get an addiction to a story, as I have now, you could at least expect a minimum of two post a day without wearing my brain out. I used to do three or more, but I found I was so durn exhausted by the end of the day, I was useless to anything or anyone. I will tell you there should be a morning and afternoon post though. SHOULD is the operative word.

Hope is Love – Chapter 4.1 – Work in Progress – Live Story 

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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