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Hope Is Love – Chapter 2.2

Hope is Love – Chapter 2.2 – Live Story in Progress

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“I need help,” she said breathlessly. “This guy got shot and he gotta be taken to the hospital.” She pointed to the bench where now the stranger had slumped off and was laying down.

“We’re not a taxi service,” the officer said.

“I know that, but he got shot.”

“What? With a fifth of whiskey, lady?” the officer sneered.

Immediately Jona knew this officer was not going to be of any help. Bending down further to catch the eye of the other officer, she said pleading, “Please, he’ s gonna die!”

“We’re gonna die if we have to continue to smell you,” the driver said chuckled. “See I told ya, she just wanted nothing. Let’s get our ass out of here. It’s Christmas Eve and I don’t wanna hear any more crap.”

Jona had forgotten the filthy coat she used to ward off the dangerous men on the street.

The window rolled up as Jona patted and pleaded, “Please help. Please officer. He’s dying.”

Her begging went for nothing because the officers drove away just laughing at her.

Cursing, she went back across the street to sit the stranger up. Her back was killing her, but she knew if she tried to get him to the hospital or a walk in, she wouldn’t have enough to get home. She wouldn’t have enough time if she took him anywhere to get back on the street and get any money before the holiday was over with. She could possibly starve to death or come close, because she was stuck on the wrong side of town away from where she would be safe and warm.

The best idea was to get him over to the church where she also had a place she could stay warm through the holidays. Hopefully, they could make it there in time before it became full.

The bus came and Jona was able to get him to step up on the bus and after she sat him down, she used the last of her money to pay the fair.

When she sat down beside him, he slowly opened his eyes and moved his lips as if speaking. She was mesmerized at the fascinating green eyes that peaked over his eyelids graced with long black lashes.

“What are you saying?” she asked.

“Where am I?” he asked his eyes glazing over her face.

She knew he couldn’t really see her and was still very much out of it.

“I’m trying to get you help,” she said reaching down and squeezing his hand, wondering if he must be scared. “Just stay here.”

It would be cruel to just leave him on the bus. Although he would most likely get help to treat his wound, the people who had actually did this to him would not be caught. What if the man had lost this memory? Who would take care of him?

Maybe this was some kind of blessing and she would be able to get some kind of reward?

While on the trip over there, Jona searched through his pants pockets, but there was nothing on him. No wallet, no money, no kind of identification. Stupid, she told herself, Maybe that item you sold could have identified him!

Sighing in disappointed, she leaned forward to put her hand over her eyes in frustration.

Maybe this was a punishment after all and her kindness had over extended to someone who would be absolutely useless? Or this was punishment for pawning his possessions. Guilt filled her and she knew she couldn’t abandoned him on the bus, but she’d be damn if she was going to use the money she really needed unless she really had to.

“Where are we?” he asked again groggily, but his eyes were now closed and his head was leaning on her shoulder.

It took a moment for her to answer, because she hadn’t been a “we” in a very long time. “On a bus.”

“Bus? I never rode a bus.”

“What’s your name, Mister?” she questioned.

He started to answer her, but then stopped himself as he had lost his thought. He looked up at her and she wanted to drown in his most extraordinary warm deep green colored eyes with a touch of smoky gray around the edge.

Caught off guard immediately at how handsome this man was, she almost forgot her train of thought.

“What is it?” he questioned her.

She shrugged. “You’ll have to tell me. I just found you like this.”

He looked down a himself as if he didn’t know his head was attached to his body. “I’m not like you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re black.” He said this as if it were a secret to everyone else including her.

Jona smiled. “What are you? College educated? It must’ve took a lot to come up with that observation.”

“You’re being sarcastic?” he asked kindly.

“I don’t know what that means.”

“So you’re not college educated,” he explained.

She rolled her eyes and decided not to speak to him. Whoever he was he had to be worth some money and maybe she could get enough money out of this when it was all said and done.

“I’m hungry,” he whined, but his eyes were closed again and obviously he didn’t care he’d pissed her off again, because he leaned his head back on her shoulder. “And your coat smells horrendous, but I’m too damn tired and cold to care or move away.”

Jona accessed him carefully. Picking up his large hand, she saw they were soft and flawless. This man had never worked a hard day in his life. It was difficult to know this was the first man she had ever really met that didn’t have his hands tore up from the floor up.

Looking around to see if anyone was watching them, she waited until the bus driver seemed to concentrate on the road before she raised his hand to her nose. Her sense of smell picked up a strong oak, a scented oil and something else that seemed sweet, but aromatic.

A soap? An expensive fragrance? Either way it adhered to his skin despite what he’d been tossed in recently.

He had to be about six foot four and weighed about two hundred a fifty pounds. Like she’d noticed in the dumpster, she saw he really was all muscle and looked back at his left hand again, she saw there was no remnants of ring around the base.

Not married, businessman? she surmised.

That’d be the only explanation, but what would be his reasons for being in a dark alley, on Christmas Eve in Detroit with payoff money.

White people usually only hung around Downtown Detroit in business attire during business hours of the city government.

What had he been arguing about in the alley with the lady? A pay off?

Money. And the expensive car had to have been his.

This was all assumptions.

This guy could be a broke giggolo, siphoning off this woman and her husband decided to get revenge.

Jona didn’t know anything

And the way this man seemed to have lost his memory, neither did he.

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Hope Is Love – Black Family Series

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By Sylvia Hubbard
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When there is nothing else to hope for… HOPE IS LOVE. Book 2 of the Black Family Series

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Meet Hope, but most people call her Jona. She was a person living in the world, but not living on the inside.

Bad things happen to good people and Hope was the person we lose in the system and she grows up just going from day-to-day trying to make a dollar out of the pennies she find.

But she’s smart on the street. She keeps to herself, but she’s just there. A body without a soul and she’s going nowhere.

Then meet James from LOVE LIKE THIS .

He’s one of the bad characters that once the story is over you really don’t give a fig about. Now he’s lost again and you’ll find him here in HOPE IS LOVE.

Can they find what they are looking for?

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