Writing Wednesday: There’s a story in my head and i need to get it out

Someone asked me last night:

What do you do when there is a story in your head and you have to get it out, but you can’t?

https://i0.wp.com/dclips.fundraw.com/zobo500dir/tap_theresa_knott_tknott_01.jpg?resize=186%2C300Unfortunately our brains are not like faucets where you can turn on the knob and things will leak out the way you want.

We are complex in our minds and creativity is not something that comes easy even though artist make it look like that.

(Or should I say “good” creativity”.)

So when it comes to crafting a good story or whatever is in our heads, we feel we must be like God. It must be perfect, since God created heaven and earth and we must create something just as fantastic.

This is wrong.

There is no perfect story because every story is crafted by a human and that makes it imperfect, yet that is what is so beautiful about the whole thing.

So when you ask me this question, I have to say the only answer to this one is:

To get it out.

Pick up a pencil, pull up a keyboard and punch that baby out like it’s not tomorrow.

If you brain is showing you a story, type whatever you see feel and hear and then let the editor work with you on making it better, but first get it out!


As you can see I bolded and italicized “unfortunately” because I wish there was a way for me to open u a facet and let it pour out.

6 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: There’s a story in my head and i need to get it out

  1. Sylvia, I completely agree. Just start writing. Even if what you write is first draft, you’ve got it out of your head and onto a page.

    If you’re SO blocked that you can’t write sentences, brainstorm, alone or with a writer friend you trust (or your writers’ group.) Even word associations may help, a few words or a sentence about what’s in your head.

    I’ve been a reporter, so sometimes, if I’ve already gotten an idea in my head, I “interview” my characters about their lives. When you come up with questions, you help yourself find the answer–and often, help define character and plot when you’re unsure of where to go.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Sylvia thanks for just “saying” write it in a nice way. Quit the procrastination and how deep it should be. I write christian non-fiction so I feel that my writing must be more documented, thorough, researched and just right. Yes it should be. But what you are saying that I am getting is write down what you have and then feel in the sections. Or do your research and still write. I research and research and research and feel I cannot say a word unless it backed by the research and of course the Word of God.

    Do you have suggestion for non-fiction writers? However, I see what your point is – still to write.
    I am looking forward to ebook class again. Each time I do better.

    1. For non fiction writers, I say still write, but i know that some writing has to be documented.

      Fiction writers are the same way oddly (well I am in regards of having research woven into my stories.)

      What I say is use the binder system. Place different chapters all in a binder. Work on those chapters you can when you know what to write. This way you can bounce around and keep writing at all times .

      Also, Use different colored ink if you have to to show writing that you haven’t researched or proven to the best of your ability

  3. Sylvia, I like the feature of pressing W and this article shows up on my blog. Great. ( Faygo’s report) I wonder can I add a tag to it for my blog.
    Do you offer consultations on the techi stuff one on one? I need it? How much for an hour ? Email me .

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