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All Up in my Business

All up in my business

A Taste of Soul, is an Atlanta upscale soul food restaurant chain; owned by the Livingston’s and is a family legacy, so is staying divorce free for over 50 years.

Adam and Candace have been married for 30 years and are parents to Toussaint and Malcolm.

Candace is working the business in many ways. But a sudden itch almost destroys the 30 year union, and her husband’s life.

The ribs are not the only succulent things about Taste of Soul, so are Toussaint and Malcolm Livingston.

Un-happily married Malcolm has a hungry Joyce wanting to take a bite out of him, after his Dad, Adam, refused her.
His wife Victoria has 5 things one her mind and her husband is not one of them.

Toussaint has been tasting, many saucy ladies around town, But interior designer Alexis St.Clare is about to shut that feast down.

Zoë and Shyla are not friends but have the same goal in mind, Toussaint. They are on the menu but not his main dish!

Chardonnay gets busted mixing things up, but Bobby gets in a mix!.

I loved This Story
This sink your teeth into story was mouth-watering. The tasty tale was sexy and feast you want to devour. Lutishia did a great job bringing this story she gets a high 5 for this new “Lovely” series.

Debra Owsley

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