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Ebook Tip of The Month: Last Page Matters More

As I’ve explored the world of ebooking since it’s infancy when normal people started reading them (back in late 1990’s), I was always interested in how people found me.

I’m known a lot for the free content I give away on my website. I’m a writer of romance suspense and I since I don’t proclaim to have a million readers… yet, I love to give my content away so new readers can test my site and familiar readers can spread the word about their “favorite” author.

Back to Ebooking…

There are several tips I could go on and on about when it comes to designing an ebook, but one formatting tip that I found very effective and rewarding was making your website the last thing the reader reads at the back of the site.

In my books on Smashwords, I make sure that my website appears on the last page; highlighted of course, so readers can click right through into the website, sign up for updates and hopefully want to purchase more books.

I’ve found I get at least four to nine hits a day from people clicking from the backs of these books right into the website.

I’m a stat lover and read through my stats with a fine tooth comb. I don’t profess to be a perfect follow-up person, but knowing how my visitors found me on my sites is very important to me.

So that’s my tip of the day. Make the last thing in your ebook the highlighted URL to your website. You can even make an action statement right before giving them the website like:

If you enjoyed this review, please visit the Contact page on my website and add a review….

Hope you like this one. Hopefully  more to come!

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