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Reader question: stealing innocence III update? When? More Kindle books? Where?

Opening up the fan mail late at night and got a good one that a lot of people search the site for.


When will Stealing Innocence III be available?  Also, it would be great if more of your books were in ebook format and available via Amazon.I enjoy reading your books.


Stealing innocence is waiting for a large publisher (hopefully soon)

there are some ebooks available in the kindle format on other sites like
but i don’t know if you can visit the site to pull them down.
although if you buy them there you should be able to use the html viewer to
read more of my ebooks.
let me know how it goes.
there are some free books on there to test to see if you can do this.
If you’d like to ask a question,  send a personal email, please go to:


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