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I’m on Books N Bytes … Wow! Recognition for My Genre

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I’m always impressed where I find myself at and for this one, I’m darn impressed.


To tell people what genre you write for is okay. IT’s always good that a writer actually knows what they write and for a long time  did know. (although I’ve never really agreed on the psychological suspense, but that’s neither here or there.)

Yet, when someone else recognizes you as the writer you are, it’s even more impressive.

But it doesn’t take much to impress me. Give me a dandelion and a cold glass of good Detroit water in the summer time and I’m singing it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

My internet checks have always amused, impressed or disappointed me. Nevertheless, it’s constant entertainment  time that I give over at least thirty minutes of my day seeing what other’s have to say about me or how other people have tried to find me.

My name is the most significant. Through the years I’ve been silivia, sylvester, and even silava. The latter was just nasty but I think they were serious in their search.

I’ve gone from the rape romance writer, to sleeping with my sister’s husband writer.

I even been a Zane writer or called the cliffhanger queen. (My favorites.)

So when I found a Google alert and also a wordpress c lick through with, I couldn’t ignore the linkage.

Upon further exploration, I found a very up to date website that I was really impressed with and glad I had followed through.

Magically it was really to date with my website and almost current book.

May they never take it down.

Getting acknowledgement for the genre I write in with this small gesture meant a lot to me.


Your Home for Mystery, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Author Information!

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