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Improving My Writing for 2011 with Reading

I’ve decided as my year of me that I will improve my writing. This coincides with my current writing and reading challenge that I spoke previously on.

I don’t know how I made myself go buy a book on Amazon. Well, just particularly this book. I think it was after getting a membership to Sisters In Crime, that I picked up this book.

I’m always intimidated by other writers. Especially Mystery and suspense writers. As an AA writer I don’t find a lot of them in my field of sensual noir that can really give off really good urban stories.

So I write the ones that I want to read and they turn out pretty good. (According to my readers.)

I like a challenge and I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing, so I picked up this little baby on Amazon.

Writing Mysteries

Product Description

Writing mystery fiction can be a special kind of puzzle. In this new, revised edition of the Mystery Writers of America classic, Sue Grafton weaves the experience of today’s top mystery authors into a comprehensive mystery writing “how-to.” Writers will learn how to piece a perfect mystery together and create realistic stories that are taut, immediate and fraught with tension.The book’s contributors include a “who’s who” of the mystery writing elite: Faye and Jonathan Kellerman on conducting accurate research; Michael Connelly on mastering characterization; Tony Hillerman on writing without an outline; Lawrence Block on overcoming writer’s block; Sara Paretsky on creating successful series characters; Tess Gerritson on writing the medical thriller; Ann Rule on the art of writing true crime. And many more!

Purchase Your Copy | Visit Amazon’s Page

Now I should have just joined Mystery Writers of america, but I think the membership was higher and it wasn’t in my current budget, but I think this is the next best thing right?

I think it’s a book a writer like myself has to have in her library and that’s why I have it. I could have easily checked it out of the library and took it back, but y’all know how that is if you know me and my dvd collection from Blockbuster. (LOL)

So I’m going to be reading this for the next couple of weeks as I write my work in progress Hope Is Love.

I’ll be talking about that in my next post.


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