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Things That make me smile when I’m writing

Today’s topic at #Post A Week 2011 had to do with what makes me smile on something something. I didn’t read the entire sentence but applied the sentence to my literary life and this is the topic I came up with.

What makes me smile when I’m writing.

I think the act of writing itself makes me smile. I’ve got natural dopamine on lock down as I put my fingers to the keyboard and life as we know it or reality immediately disappears as I involve myself in a world I have created and in people I have come up with in my mine. It feels so good to be surrounded by them. I feel like I’m in the Matrix and I can do anything, e anything and go anywhere.

While I’m writing what gives me pushes would be to write a bomb live love scene and to create a perfect dialogue scene on any thing. I love writing where I laugh out loud (or so you can understand it, to LOL). Or the scenes where I have a character I hate and I’m just so angry by what they are doing. I feel it.

Once I went a whole weekend on a high and the only time I move wa to use the bathroom. I even found that I didn’t need to eat or drink anything. I just wanted to go on this writing high that took me into one of my best stories I’ve written. That was when I wrote Mistaken Identity. I complete the entire half of the story after the climax in 72 hours and I think I exploded and pass out a couple of times, but then came back to just typing.

Man it was doubly awesome and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, although I don’t thin the kinds much appreciated since they did not get to eat but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all weekend long.

I know what can really turn on the happiness facet as well is when I apply research to my writing. In Mistaken Identity once I connected the research that a GYN told me and real life situations, I was able to create the unbelievable to believable. For me as a writer, that makes me feel like screaming, “I’m da king of da world, ma!”

You feel like you have conquered Mount Everest when your imagination actually makes sense to others. I don’t know if other writers do that but I do.

Currently I’m working on a story called Hope is Love and the guy has lost his memory, but I needed to go deep into research to understand just how much memory he’s lost and how much he will regain once it’s all over and how he will regain this memory. The memory loss works with keeping my world over the reality so the reader can believe this type of character can be in the situation I have placed him in.

But once my world and reality collide in order for me to keep that reader,  have to make sense.

It makes me happy when the reader thinks I’ve made sense. I’ve made the story believable. Bottom line: I made up a really good lie.

Even after I finish writing, my high can last all day to a couple of days and that’s even doubly cool because in a world that makes me sad most of the time, I think that I need my own natural high to make it all feel better so I can work better when I’m not writing.

Wow this was a great topic even though I didn’t choose it.

Maybe this Post A Week 2011 can give me a high too. Then it might turn into a Post A Day or shoot, a Post an Hour.

(If it gets that bad, please call someone to come and scrape my fingers from the keyboard because that means I haven’t left the chair in a couple of days.)

Wishing you guys a happy New Year and always remember baby steps count to.

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