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Diamond In The Rough – Part 36

Diamond In The Rough

Part 36 (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

Diamond wasn’t afraid to admit what she wanted from Rob; she was afraid to admit what she wanted to herself.

“Do you want me to leave right now? I will if that’s what YOU want. All you have to say is the words, Diamond,” he said.

“You would?” she asked hesitantly. “You would leave if I say leave?”

“And I will never bother you again.” He took another step towards her, almost within arms reach of her.

She could have backed away if she desired, but she didn’t want to. Her body wasn’t scared of him and defied her mind. All those things Uncle Reichard had revealed to her seemed to become a fog in her thoughts as she began to remember how she felt when Rob kissed her and touched her.

“I don’t want that,” she admitted out loud. “I don’t want you to never bother me again and I don’t want you to go right now.”

He stepped forward again and this time was able to easily reach down and tilt her head up to look at him. “You want me to be here?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“But you’re still scared,” he said reading her thoughts.

She trembled in response, but she was sure it wasn’t in fear, as his palm fully cupped her face.

“Tell me, why you are scared, Diamond,” he ordered gently.

“You did hurt that girl, didn’t you?”

“I was rambunctious and over sensitive. Without the drug, I become numb to only what pleases me. I ignored her cries. I ignore what should have been a pleasurable experience,” he owned up. “I paid the price for that and I swore I would never allow that to happen again. I wouldn’t lose control like that with a woman again.”

“That’s why you agreed to the drugs?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I didn’t want to be like my father.”

“Are you worried that you might hurt someone as badly as he hurt someone?”

“No, because I’m not him. Have I hurt you?”

She stepped towards him. “I’m a little sore.”

He frowned. “Where?”

Blushing, she looked away. “It’s nothing I can’t recover.”

He started to open her robe, but she put her hands on his to stop him and backed away until she was pressed on the refrigerator. He’d followed her still trying to open her robe.

“Rob, I’m fine,” she insisted.

Pushing her hands away gently, he continued to open the robe. “I want to make sure you’re fine.”

“It’s more internal than anything.”

“I want to make sure,” he said adamantly, dropping to his knees and at the same time, lifting her leg over his shoulder.

Before she could protest more, his face pressed down into her warm feminine hive and began to hungrily suckle her honey. His thick tongue circled her clit inciting moans instead of protests from her lips. Her nectar not only flowed down her soft thighs, which he quickly lapped up and then pressed deeper to lave the flat of his tongue from her perineum to return to her clit.

Diamond was grateful for the refrigerator as she clutched the doors at the top desperately trying to support her weight as her legs had become useless. He alleviated her frustrations by maneuvering her other thigh over his shoulders and she smiled realizing forever more she would love a man with very broad shoulders.

It was hard to linger on this thought when Rob’s mouth was reverently bringing her to repeated apogees, Diamond couldn’t think straight and didn’t want to as she succumbed to the pleasure he brought her too.

She screamed, cried and worshipped his mouth loving every oral delectation he offered. Rob didn’t let one ounce of her sweet essence go to waste, loving the succulent taste of her knowing he could definitely get used to her.

He knew he was driving her crazy, but he wanted her to be insane for just a moment. When he finally gave her a reprieve by moving away and standing up, she almost collapsed to the floor if it had not been for his quick reflexes and strong arms.

Scooping her up, he carried her into the living room as she hungrily attacked his mouth, kissing her sweetness away licking his mouth thoroughly with her tongue.

Taking control, he cupped her face, slowed the kiss down and then moved down her neck to her breast. Her robe was gone, but he knew she probably didn’t care.

Rob took his time. If this was all wrong and Nick found out, he wanted to at least say he got a chance to explore this delicious brown sugar body and all the sweet treasures on display with his mouth, hands and eventually his body again. He had been dreaming about being with her for so long and those many days and nights he had fantasize about having her, he was definitely not going to let this moment go to waste.

What fully aroused him was that, she didn’t mind him playing with her body. She begged for release, but loved giving the foreplay just as much as he enjoyed doling it out. When she made an attempt to try to take his clothes off, he pushed her hands away several times. He wasn’t done tasting her and he knew it might be hours before the medication allowed him to perform physically.

The funny thing is that Rob didn’t mind this like the many other times he would just give up and forget about the whole act. He was like a hunter waiting for the prey to come to him and he knew with his hands and mouth, he could wait for hours.

He just hoped she didn’t go mad as he took his time exploring every inch of her body.


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