Diamond In The Rough – Part 34.2

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Diamond In The Rough

Part 34.2  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?


In his most serious tone, Uncle Reichard asked, “How far did you really go, Diamond, honestly, with this boy?”

Without the least embarrassment, she said, “All the way, Uncle Reichard, but please don’t worry. We used protection and I’m going to get the first flight out of Detroit as soon as possible.” She went over to her laptop and begin to book her flight. Her stomach, head and chest hurt still, but there was still confusion in her heart. “I just can’t understand why I didn’t see it.”

“A lot of people who are dead now were wrong about this Heart’s bloodline. I’m shipping this information Fedex to you to your New York Office.”

“One more thing, Uncle and I know I’m overworked you too much.”

“Sure luv, anything for you.”

She smiled lovingly. “What was the name of the person they think he tried to help assist in the mental home?”

It took him a moment and she heard some rattling of paper. “Oh here it is. Her name was Charisse Sheridan. She was about the same age as he.”

“She was? So she’s dead?”

“It doesn’t say. Want me to look that up?”

“No,” she said thoughtfully. “I’m cool with all you’ve given me, Uncle Reichard. I’ve just booked the flight and I’ll be in New York this time tomorrow.”

“That makes me feel better, Diamond. Call me when you get there.”

When she hung up, there seemed to be a fog in her brain. She was overwhelmed by the information she had received and her head, stomach and chest seemed to hurt more with each passing minute.

It was just a little relief when she heard the doorbell ring. The distraction lessened the flow of blood in her temples. Dazed she walked over and without thinking flung the door wide open.

She had to look up in those dark ominous eyes that greeted her. Though terror filled her, her chest didn’t feel so tight, her headache instantly disappeared and the tightening in her stomach was quickly replaced by butterflies aching to burst out.

“Why are you here, Rob?” she demanded to know.

Author’s Note: Can you guess what book is Charisse Sheridan? And did you read it?

11 thoughts on “Diamond In The Rough – Part 34.2

  1. Okay help me ladies I don’t remember Charisse Sheridan.. Tell me which book I need to go back ane read it.

    1. She’s from His substitute wife, my sister. She was that “crazy sister”. 🙂

  2. Yeah I remember that crazy sister. She was a piece of work! She lies so much and I can gurantee you that she lied about what happen!

    1. No, Charisse was crazy but she was the good sister. He probably helped her cause she was miserable, she wanted to die for good reasons!

  3. I remember her too now that someone mentioned it. She wasn’t so bad after all.

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