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Diamond In The Rough – Part 34.1

Diamond In The Rough

Part 34.1  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

Author’s Note: If you need to see the family tree of the Hearts, please click on this link.

“Who is Daemon Heart?”

“The baddest son of bitch this side of the Mississippi and any blood of his is bad blood all together. Before his death by his own nephew, he thought it was his mission to take out the entire Heart family starting with his brothers and their wives and then he started on any woman who had a child by him. What made all the crimes so spectacular was that they were all listed as accidents or suicides. His genius insanity was so contagious, his own youngest child decided to help her father in his quest to kill everyone by first going after all babies in the family despite the fact that her father had killed her mother. Blaque Heart who is listed as one of the highest paid mercenaries in the world, poisoned her own cousin, Onyx Heart and killed the baby she was carrying. Onyx barely survived, but this is the reason why Blaque never sets foot in the country because of the retribution Onyx swore she would pay if she ever saw Blaque. The second thing, Blaque was only suspected in doing was that she killed Onyx’s baby brother when he was only a few years old.”

“And who killed Daemon?”

“Onyx’s older brother, Lethal. One hard blow to the man’s nasal cavity and a knife to the heart following shortly finally took him down.”

“I can’t see this guy again,” she said adamantly.

“You’re damn right about that,” he agreed. “Your gut instinct on that couldn’t be more right.”

“But that is so confusing, Uncle Reichard. I usually have great instincts about people. Why wasn’t  I alarmed before wantonly giving myself to this man?” she asked quite perplexed.

“I’m familiar with the Heart Family that reside in Chicago. They have a way of deceiving even the best of the best. Here, there is King Heart who runs two very popular clubs but we know he’s ripe in underground dealings especially in the loan shark department, but we can’t get anything to stick to him. And then there’s his sister Queen who we believe runs more than an escort service, plus she assists her brother with his business as well. They are both from Daemon’s seed and wicked as all get out, but too damn smart like their father to get caught in their criminal dealings. I need you to be very careful with this boy, Diamond,” he warmed. “Get yourself back to New York. That probation officer knew exactly what he was talking about.”

“Wait a minute. One more thing, he said he’s on medication. From what I assume it’s court ordered.”

“According to his exit psych evaluation he’s listed as having a sex addition and has tendencies to jump into physically violent rages. In order to stay on the outside, he had to agreed to chemical castration.”


“It’s more or less a downer with a traceable placebo to make him think the medication is helping him. It’s not condoned by human rights groups so the patient has to agree to experimental treatments and he’s tested weekly to make sure he’s taking it by taking a urine sample he had to give for the rest of his probation.”

“Which is how long?”

“According to this, with good behavior he could get off in the next couple of months.”

“But how was he able to… well, you know do it with me.”

“From what I know about it, he can still become aroused, but it takes just a little longer for release and once aroused it can be frustrating to the patient to come to full fruition. I know so much about it because I had a stint in the special victims unit here in Chicago for a while.”

“And the girl he raped?” she asked.

“What about her? At the time, not only was she the Dean’s daughter, but her mother was an aide to a top city council official. In my opinion it was a bad deal and misunderstanding.”

“So that meant they all believed the apple didn’t fall too far away from the tree,” she said sarcastically.

“You can’t help people from believing that, Diamond, given his past and his bloodline. Plus according to the police report there was heavy internal scarring and some stitches needed about the perineum. I’m even looking at some faint bruising on the wrists, where he most likely held her down.”

“Is that all?”

“Is that all?!” he exclaimed. “That’s enough to give the man five years in prison with the majority spent in solitary confinement.

Diamond looked at her wrist and saw some slight pressure marks still on her skin where Rob had gripped her. He had lost his mind for a minute, but at no time did she feel she was being raped or even terrified for her life in any way. The man she knew and the man who was on paper seemed liked two different people.

She could almost understand from the size of him down there how someone could have bruised and torn. Her own self was still quite sore and thankfully she had been overzealous by the time he had pushed inside of her.

The thought of that made her aroused and she had to literally shake her head to get the illicit thoughts out of them.

Stop trying to be logical!’ she ordered herself forcing herself

Author’s Note: If you need to see the family tree of the Hearts, please click on this link.

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