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Just joining The Live Story: Diamond in the Rough. Here’s the link

Want to know what’s bringing over 200 readers to this site for National Novel Writing Month?

Diamond In The Rough

SYNOPSIS: (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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If you’re curious to know what a live story is, I go in depth here (click here).

Since 2006, I’ve provided my readers at least two a year and each ones seems more successful than the last.

We’ve reached our halfway mark in Diamond In The Rough – it’s face paced and moving to the end, and I know we’re getting more and more readers daily.

Here are ways to join us:

First, start from the beginning by doing a search for all the posts.

The link above will lead you to the second page of the search and you can start there. Links at the bottom of each post, should lead you to the next post in the series.

I’ve also made a special category for this story where you can get only exclusive posts about Diamond in the Rough.

Now I know I get a lot of people who are at work and work places are making it difficult to read books online or get to people’s websites. Good news:


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Instantly, you will pull up my front page. At the top of the page you can select Archives.

Here there are several ways to pull up the story. In The popular category topic that comes up, you can select either books or work in progress.

Since we started Diamond in The Rough in November, you can click on the monthly archive and see the posts.

Also, you can just scroll to the bottom and do a search on the story name, Diamond in the Rough and pull up all old archives of just those posts.

I’ve tried this on several phone types and the options seem to work just fine.

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READER QUESTION: When will you put this into one file so I can read it all the way through?

Author’s Answer:

At the end. I haven’t decided if I will charge or not for this story It’s becoming quite a good one to my surprise. Even I’m on pins and needles waiting for what’s to come in Diamond and Rob’s strange story.

Reader Question:

Why are Rob and Diamond have so many problems?

Author’s Answer:

Don’t we all? LOL. I just found two characters to put together who have different kinds of problems.

Reader’s Question:

Why was she taking the bus and then she got out of a really expensive car?

Author’s Answer:

That is explained in the story in Part 26 or 27, but it will be explained.

Reader Question:

Is Rob part of Hearts or Bellini family? I think I saw some reference when you talked about his father a little, but I can’t be sure.

Author Answer:

He’s an offspring of Deamon Heart that’s not listed because Rob choose his mother’s name and Deamon didn’t know about him until too late. If you know the family tree then you understand hence the problems Rob has.

Any more questions? (And no I won’t tell you what’s going to happen next.)

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