Diamond in The Rough – Part 12


Diamond In The Rough

Part 12  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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Everything told him to stop, but he literally couldn’t stop himself. The taste of those sweet soft lips was more than he had ever imagined and he wanted more.
Moving one arm around her waist, while the other cupped the perfect apple bottom rear, she moaned her acquiesce as she tilted her head and parted her lips to give him exactly what he wanted. She smelled even more delicious and her hot mouth seared his gut. Hungrily, he kissed her as if she was his breath of life and she met his passion with a hunger of her own.
He felt her arms draw away from his neck and he was sure she was going to push him away.


Yes, he’d stop but only if she gave him an indication to do so. This was wrong. He knew it, but his body wouldn’t obey.


Her hands moved down to his chest, but instead of pressing on them she playfully tweaked his nipple and descended to his underwear. She easily pushed past the elastic of his boxers the front of his pants all the while still passionately kissing him.


His hands had a mind of their own as well as he found the top of her dress zipper and began to pull down slowly. He carefully waited for her to tell him to stop, but suddenly his hearing was cut off as she reached inside his pants and grasped the base his penis.


The warm palm which circumference his phallus elicited a groan from him and he found himself easily hiking her up. He liked how her legs easily locked around his waist as he maneuvered her over to the couch and laid her down while laying on top of her.


Rob hoped at any moment she would stop him, because he knew he would not be able to stop himself, unless…


Damn! Damn! Damn!


He could feel his manhood instantly decrease knowing he wouldn’t be able to perform.


She noticed his flaccidness as well and now pushed him away. “What’s wrong?” she questioned.


3 thoughts on “Diamond in The Rough – Part 12

  1. I notice Sylvia in couple of your stories you have men with big penis but at times they can not perform. Ain’t nothing worst having a man with big dick who can’t keep it up. That’s suck!
    Is Rob white man? Please say YES!!!!!

    1. cinq: he’s black, only mixed in the head

      Speaking from my own sexual experience (as little as it is, LOL) sometimes it’s the motion of the ocean and not all about sizes.

      Some men are given a great gift, but have no idea how to use it.

  2. Ha Ha Ha!!!!! That’s so funny. Unfortunately, it may be his medication that makes him do
    that? I’m sorry Cinqetta, I think poor Rob’s black.

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