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REVIEW FROM The Latest from APOOO Bookclub: A Love for Tomorrow by Vanessa Miller

A Love for Tomorrow by Vanessa Miller
APOOO Rating: 4
Amazon Rating: 4
Give Love A Chance
Serenity Williams cannot believe that her fiance has decided that he does not want to get married only a week before their wedding. Pastor Michael Randolph refuses to allow his soon-to-be wife to overshadow him and his ministry. Serenity has a popular Christian talk show and is reaching far more people than Michael. With that, they call off their engagement and Serenity swears she will never date another pastor. When Serenity’s producer requests that she interview an up and coming pastor, she looks at this as her opportunity to out all pastors as being egotistical and full of themselves. Pastor Phillip McKnight is anything but those things, which shocks Serenity. For some reason she is totally drawn to him, but she remembers her pact to never date another pastor. Phillip makes it extremely hard, with his humble spirit and honesty. Just coming off a horrible divorce, he too, wants nothing to do with a serious relationship. But love has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it. Will Serenity and Phillip find love again in Vanessa Miller’s A LOVE FOR TOMORROW?
Miller stays true to her amazing delivery of representing God’s love. A LOVE FOR TOMORROW has parts that will make your heart stop. The characters have qualities that are easy to relate to and you want nothing but the best for them. On top of the great love story, Miller is able to infuse some suspense. What more can you ask for? This is book two in the Second Chance At Love series. Do not hesitate to pick this up even if you have not read the first book for it stands alone.
This book was provided courtesy of the author for review purposes.
Donnica Copeland
APOOO BookClub
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