AAMBC Fall Tours with Maxx Kilbourne

Synopsis: The story of Love, lust and memories lost.  Sam Bradford is the only hope of a desperate professor, the only love of a jealous harlot and the only friend to a man facing insurmountable odds.  While Sam holds the key to so many lives, he can’t remember anything of his own life, not even the reason an ambitious prosecutor hopes to lock him away forever.

Rising from her chair, the old woman slowly stepped towards an open window.  “You young folks are disillusioned by your fancy machines and your cell phones.  You’re too busy Facebooking and emailing to know what real emotion looks like.  I know it.  I’ve seen it. I know that boy is innocent.”

Pointing her finger outside the window she motioned for each juror to join her.  “Look, look over there” she instructed.  “See those people?  Tell me what you see?  Ms. Mad-at-every-man, tell me what your eyes see over yonder.”

“I see people walking” the girl reluctantly answered.  “Why?  What does it have to do with anything?”

“Oh my child” the old woman winced.  “It has everything to do with everything. You kids are so unfeeling now.  Alla’ these shoot’em up movies and killing makes you forget what real smiles and frowns look like, you’re missing the big picture.  When I look from this window I see that young mother walking her child to school for the first time.  I see the fear in his eyes and in hers.  I see the way he holds his head and the uncertainty they both surely feel.  I notice her apprehensiveness to let him go and the pride she has that he’s grown.  I see it because I’ve been there before.”

Maxx Kilbourne was born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, Michigan, an area known for drugs, gangs and violence. Kept in line by a stern mother, supportive father and strong male role models, Maxx graduated from Denby High School and received a Bachelors Degree in History from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton New Jersey.  Maxx worked in the radio industry for ten years before leaping into the world of writing, penning his first novel, “Heart of Justice” in 2009 as a tribute to a fallen comrade.

Maxx carefully crafts his novels in a manner that appeals to readers of all backgrounds, he’s a product of the inner-city, not a hostage.  Maxx knows the “hood” is more than sex, drugs and violence and believe Urban novels should be more as well.  Each Maxx Kilbourne novel is written to entertain readers and offer insight to virtues of life, each interjects comedy, drama and pleasant subtleties of life without a single phrase of profanity.  Maxx Kilbourne novels are easy reads offering messages of hope and understanding to men and women alike.
Maxx is currently writes for The Source Magazine and working on a Masters of Education degree from the University of Southern California.