I’m featured on a blog… Wow!

Today my Google alerts came in this morning and I saw something that didn’t relate to the many websites I’m apart of.


I remembered doing the article a while back, but did Harvey Garner do a good job making me sound so eloquent.

I love writers! I really do.

I’m falling in love with myself as I read it!

Here’s a portion and then click below to read the rest:

The literary scene in Detroit thrives more every year. Today, it is alive with more awareness, more authors and more good books to read. It seems as if locals are increasingly discovering their passion for the written word, and for many, Sylvia Hubbard is the professional they seek for guidance. A respected author, speaker and educator, Hubbard has been engaged in Detroit’s literary community for more than a decade.

“I connected to the literary scene like any new writer looking for connections and networking,” Hubbard recalls. “That was back in 1998. I joined the Detroit Writers Guild and went faithfully to meetings as a single mother, toting my three children with me, taking notes, asking questions and finding out more on how to be a better writer.”

Like many established authors, Hubbard has traveled a long road. However, the mission to obtain more information and improve her craft resulted in something special: a network that would lend a helping hand to hundreds of local writers.

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2 thoughts on “I’m featured on a blog… Wow!

  1. Sylvia I am truly enjoying this story. I stumbled across A little bit of sin and I was wondering if there are more chapters.

  2. yes, but currently with my laptop stolen and master copy on the flash drive in the laptop, I’m basically writing from scratch all over again. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to finish that up soon as well as The Mysterious Mr. Black

    this answer also appears on my formspring page along with FAQ’s from readers.


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