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Sylvia Hubbard w/city backgroundIt’s always pretty exciting to check my stats on a daily basis. Sometimes I’ll check them on my phone just to see who’s been looking for me or what they are looking at when they come to my page.

i guess that’s why I prefer wordpress more than blogger because you get really cool stats and really nice ways to see who’s come to your page and for what reason.

Since I so love to use both sides of my brain all the time, I could look at stats all day without getting tired and wishing I could just refresh and get higher numbers.

Lately in my stats, I’ve been getting a lot of just Sylvia Hubbard. meaning people are looking for my name. That’s a really nice thing to know that someone turned on their Internet to find you. The second thing that comes into my site is interracial. I guess with all my books of interracial they’d find what they are looking for. The third thing would be what my readers love about me and that’s FREE.

I also get love, romance, pdf, author, wordpress writing, and so forth.

Odd things are movie titles I may have mentioned. For a couple of weeks I got Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Love Hewitt from some movies I wrote about.

The number one book amazingly that people are looking for…

(drumroll please)

Stealing Innocence: Lethal Heart.

Personally the post I just linked I didn’t even realize it was on my site and I’ve just made my job ten times easier. (Patting myself on the back.)

Just in case you haven’t caught up with the stealing innocence series, click the following book covers to download or purchase your copy. (Or if you have, post a review on the store sites.)

The next book often searched for is:

Surpriseningly this is an oldie but goodie and in third place is:

Also an oldie but goodie.

(click on book covers to get your copy or to leave your review.)

Keep sharing and keep talking about me. I love the searches!

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