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I’m going to say I’m not the smartest cookie in the package or the best author on the shelf, but I’m still going to say you’ll like what you read.


Because I like what I write and I like you.

But I don’t even know you!

The fact you came and showed up says that you’re a nice person and I want to thank you for coming and showing up.

A lot of question as to what type of writing do I exactly do?

Bottomline I’m a romance suspense author. I love writing about love, but I also like drama, problems and I like to kill my characters. (Don’t get asked on dates much and I don’t know why.)

Anyhoo (my favorite word) I also write a blog at How To Love A Black Woman and I also am the founder of Motown Writers Network.

Which means you may get notices about me speaking at different events on a variety of subjects. (This also means you can contact and ask me to come to you as well and speak too. Don’t be skrcaured.)

So I also have been known to write Interracial, urban, contemporary, women’s fiction, mystery, and a little bit of “can’t work or sleep until I know the rest of the story” Kinda writer.

Currently, we’re in the midst of a live book The Other Side of Love. To understand what a live book is, please go to:

To catch up with us reading The Other Side of Love

This is where you can find all the chapter excerpt links for each part.

As always enjoy yourself and if you need anything, please contact me.

Of course buy a book, tell a friend and share me with others!

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