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AAMBC Summer Tours w/ Imani True & Dreama Skye, the authors of erotica tales Strawberries, Stilettos and Steam

Imani True

What’s the “Best Chocolate” you ever tasted? Have you ever been “Turned On” and  “Turned Out” at the same time?  How would you handle an unexpected “Detour”? And how would you scratch that nagging “Sophomore Itch”?, Stilettos and Steam takes you on an erotic journey to discover the answers to these questions and many more.

In “The Touch-Up,” a young woman has one more fling before her wedding day. In “Disturbing the Peace,” a woman is in desperate need of police assistance. In “Nika’s Birthday,” a husband gives his wife a gift that she’ll never forget.
With their debut collaboration, Imani True and Dreama Skye bring you a delicious collection of seductive, mind-blowing stories that will leave you intrigued, enticed, and definitely turned on.
So relax and dive headfirst into a world where strawberries, a pair of stilettos, and a little steam always makes it better!
Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam…..Want some?

Excerpt from “Nika’s Birthday”:
Nika slid down onto Don as if mounting a prized stallion. She quickly took charge. “Now who’s running this?” she asked Don. He felt her pussy tighten around his dick. For several minutes, she rode Don with a combination of fluid hip action and slow grinds.

Jackson stared at Nika. The look in her eyes was one that he knew very well. His wife was in the zone now, and Don was in serious trouble. Sensing that his wife was about to break his boy down, Jackson spoke.

“He’s not ready for the signature move, baby.”

“Well, he shoulda’ kept his bat at home if he wasn’t ready to play!” Nika said

Interview with Imani True

Tell us about the book:
Our book is called “Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam.” It is a collection of erotic stories for all types of people.
Where did you get the title? Imani and Dreama:  I was at a dead-end writing a story with that title. Dreama suggested that we use it for a book title instead.
How did you find out about each other? We were both on a social networking site and working on different projects. We agreed to submit stories for two erotica anthologies. Once the contest was over, we teamed up on this project.
Why did we decide to write together? After the contest, we thought how upset we would be if someone who had read our stories during the contests ended up releasing our work before we did. We decided to take our destiny into our own hands and put our work out before anyone else.
Why did we choose Erotica?
Dreama: I was already writing erotic poetry as an outlet. I just switched from writing poems to stories.
Imani: For me, it wasn’t a conscious decision. I was coming out of a seven-year writer’s block. When I picked up my pen, Erotica is what spilled out.
Describe your writing process.
One of us will start with a concept and plot. Then we’ll talk about it over the phone, take notes. Then we do a line-by-line collaboration via Yahoo, Skype or text messages. When we start, we usually have a working title that changes by the time we’re done. But the plot generally stays the same from beginning to end. Dreama finds the holes in the story and the character descriptions. We go back-and-forth until we wrap it the way we want. Beginning-End-Middle is usually how we write.

What are your favorite stories? Which did you enjoy writing the most?
Dreama: “The Best Chocolate” and “Sophomore Itch” are my favorites. Most fun -“Nika’s Birthday” and “VIP.”
Imani: “Sophomore Itch,” “The Takeover,” and “Nika’s Birthday” are my favorites. Most fun -“The Interrogation Room,” “VIP,” and “Turned On, Turned Out.”

 Dreama Skye knew that she was destined to be a writer from the moment she held a pen in her hand.  She has been writing erotic poetry for years. Recently she discovered another passion: writing erotic stories. Fate and destiny collided when Dreama met Imani True. Then  Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam was born. She grew up in the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky. She  resides there with her two beautiful daughters. She is currently working on a book of erotic poetry, her first novel, as well as another collaboration with Imani True.

Visit her at

Strawberries, Stilettos and Steam

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