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Author’s Note for The Other Side of Love

Bad news right now. No Internet at home. And no internet at work.

Typing this on my phone and trying to see can i retype from the notes I’ve made but know that it would be a lot of typing.

My post for the story are usually running between 800 to over 1500 words long and that’s a lot of mobile typing.

Please don’t be mad at me.

I should be up and running, but just to let you know I’m progressing quite well.

Matter of fact, I just finished the scene when Faith returns to the house.

Lots of trouble.

While you waiting. Please peruse all the comments from the last post and add your own of your thoughts of each part and what you think of the reader feedback.

Sorry again and trust me I’m suffering as much as you are.

Going over quickly to respond to some comments and I promise to post tomorrow morning.


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