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The Dreaded Author’s Note from The Other Side of Love plus RollCall!

If you’ve a live story favorite, these single submissions of Author’s Notes should still make your stomach cringe.

If you’re not, then I should explain them.

Author’s Notes are either going to be good news, updates or foretelling what’s to come.

Not the story, but what I’m going to do with the story.

This one’s just an update.

I should explain the last part you just read. (Referring to Chapter 4)

I have a bestfriend Tavi. She knows pretty much what my story line is (and no trying to hunt her down on FB and bribing her.)

Anyhoo, Tavi added a knew element as I was explaining to her James came back and asked Faith what she was doing

Since i’d already released Chapter 4 and wanted to incorporate what Tavi had instituted, but I either needed to cut the entire first part of chapter 4 and rewrite it with the element or work my fiction magic into giving me what I wanted.

Well, flashbacks work too which will ensure in a few hours. I should post again before noon.

And now back to your regular day. How’s it going for you?

Along with answering that question, we should also do a roll call like I mentioned in the beginning of the book.

I have had two authors swing by and make comments which I’m hyped about:

Kimmie Thomas

Push Nevahda

Support them by checking out their websites.

And you are? (mention your website too!)

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