AAMBC Summer Tours w/ Andrionna L. Williams, Author of In-Laws From Hell!

In-Laws From Hell Book Synopsis
Marriage: The epitome of a catastrophe! In-Laws From Hell describes unbelievable and uncompromising predicaments. Try adding an offensive stench of meddling in-laws vexation; and if you can surpass the maliciousness you could actually enjoy years of wedding bliss. This book will keep you in awe and well entertained.

Andrionna L. Williams was born July 2nd, 1975, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She was educated in parochial schools in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California. She graduated in 1993 from St. Mary’s Academy in Inglewood, California and then traveled down south to attend college. Williams attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she also resided for 15 years.
Andrionna is no stranger to writing, she began writing at the tender young age of 10 years old. Williams first literary piece was titled “I Am Somebody”. She also wrote for her college newspaper as well as some free lance writings for The Answer newspaper and others. However, In-Laws From Hell was her first published novel.
In-Laws From Hell has actually been blessed to see a whole other level. It has T-shirts and boxer shorts available. Webisodes coming soon, Stage play coming next year, and the talks of a Reality Show!
At this moment Andrionna is working on several various projects, to which, include three (3) different anthologies, an Ask Andrionna column in Kreative Connection magazine, and her short story titled Loves Last Secret in The Freak Files erotic anthology.
Although, writing is Andrionna’s calling radio is her passion. She can be heard on Simply Andrionna on Blog Talk Radio, Open Book Radio on KKVV, and The Talk of Las Vegas on KLAV.
Andrionna currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three (3) beautiful sons.

Andrionna Williams Interview

1. What genre do you consider In-Laws From Hell to be?
In-Laws From Hell is an Urban Fiction, but is also listed as Family & Relationship Drama.
2. What do readers like most about your book?
I would have to say the realness, comedy, and drama that unfolds. This book tells about predicaments that the average person has gone through with their in-laws or the baby mamas.
It is a great and smooth read that is hard to put down, because you definitely do not want to miss what will transpire next!
3. Is In-Laws From Hell a true story?
Yes to certain degree. It has many factual circumstances in the novel, however, some comedy and untruth was added to make the story less unpleasant and more comedic.
4. How do you juggle being a mother first, author, and a radio show host of 3 different shows?
Well it is overwhelming at times, but you have to put everything in order to ensure that it all gets adequate time. My sons go with me to book signings, galas, and various events and they love it more than I do. I set aside time for their sporting and school events as well.
I set away designated time and days when I just write and nothing else. I don’t answer the phone, accept company, or obligate myself to any events. I just write and my children respect that!
My radio shows are easy I just go to the station(s) and do my thing!!! I am in another world when I am on the microphone. Then I host a Blog Talk where I can do in the comfort of my own home.
So it all works out well and flows smoothly believe it or not!
5. What else does In-Laws From Hell have in store for the fans?
In-Laws From Hell has become more than a novel, it has become a brand.
We have webisodes coming, a stage play, and talks of a reality show!
We have T-shirts, boxers, and other novelty items as well.
So just stay tuned is all I can say!
6. You have been acknowledged as a deep sister… Why?
I have very deep thoughts and I am known for the explosive show topics on my radio shows. I am a very intense thinker that has to analyze and dissect all things before I can even speak on them. It is not a second of the day when I am not deep in thought!!!
7. Where can readers find your novel?
They can always find information on www.inawsfromhell.net.
For Booking Information:
(866) 350-1107 or (702) 386-6407
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