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LABW: Don’t worry about the ugly couple, worry about who you kissing forever.

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How to Love a Black Woman

Don’t worry about the ugly couple, worry about who you kissing forever.

Posted: 09 Apr 2010 04:53 PM PDT

(I remember a long time ago an old woman said that to some young girls talking about two people. I thought it was something silly, but after today it’ll make a lot of sense.)
Side note before I get started:
I just know too much
You ever come to the realization that there are just too many file cabinets open in your head.
Yet you know you know a lot of things about a lot of stuff, but love truly is the one thing that escapes me.
Now this is going to be a post that just rolls around the idea of what I have to be in order to get someone and what I am.
I’m smart.
Not ands, ifs or butts about that one. And yes, I spelled but wrong. I did just say I was smart. LOL.

End of side note.
So today I’m looking at this ugly couple walking down the street. And mind you, I’m not one to just call ANYONE ugly, although there were a couple of times during UGLY GUY Day that just still gives me chills in the middle of the middle.

So this couple is walking down the street. They aren’t very attractive on the eye. Matter of fact the girl reminds me of a thicker version of Mia’s best friend in Princess Diaries. Including with the teeth and messed up hair, which the real life version went from a dirty blonde to dark brown. Her shirt was way too small and she was showing her spare tire. The jeans were too large for her and looked older than her. Her partner had similar hair except it was more greasy and black. I would say he looked like he rolled out of bed and was still rolling in the same clothes he’d worn a week ago.

Now how did I know they were a couple? They were holding hands, talking laughing and once he stopped her and kissed her.
It was the kiss that got my attention.


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