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LABW: Parent TipHow To Create Great Easter Baskets on a Budget for the kids!

This is part of my Family Living on $14 dollars an Hour Series

3 kids!

That’s how many I have and that’s how many I will have.


sure they doubled tied them two hours after having the last one.)


now I thought this Easter I’d do something different. I made a great dinner and I was feeling really good about spending time with the kids for Easter without the worry of a lot of things going on in my life.

I took a trip to Family Dollar. My favorite store in the world next to CVS and decided to get them something special.

With it being Easter Day, there was discount on a lot of stuff already. That was a plus and with only ten dollars to spend, I knew I had to get something really good.

Now Tip number one to help you save money. Buy things throughout the year when it’s on sale. Before even making this trip, I already had a number of items at home. This included candy, items that I knew the kids liked and knick knacks. I keep them around the place hidden where I know the kids won’t look or go.

I spent a dollar each for the baskets and then three large chocolate bunnies. I had fruit at home as well, but just because this was Easter, I wanted more candy for them, which is rare around the house.

Instead of buying individual bags of candy, I bought one bag of individually wrapped chico sticks, a bag of assorted candies and then a large bag of skittles.

At home I divided the skittles up in sandwich bags. I used the air to increase the height inside of each basket because it’s a waste to buy that grass or any other filler.


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