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How to Love a Black Woman: Parent Tip – Easter Dinner: Sweet & Spicy Chicken & broccoli w/mushroom stuffing

How to Love a Black Woman

Parent Tip – Easter Dinner: Sweet & Spicy Chicken & broccoli w/mushroom stuffing

I cooked Easter dinner.

Anyone who knows me, knows those last four words are very significant in the World of Sylvia Hubbard. I’m not a cooker. I blame being raised by a man who was just glad to eat rather than taste. I never knew I had to flavor food and once I became an adult, I lived with my grandparents part of the years I was in college and they suffered from all kinds of ailments so we hardly had any salt in the house much less anything like pepper or onions or even potatoes.

Cooking was a trial and error kind of thing and I can say I know how to cook well spaghetti and pancakes. Everything else, is T/E (trial and error).

I wanted to do something different. The kids had been eating spaghetti for the past week and I thought maybe I should cook something different for a change.

Also, Of course for me that meant a little planning ahead.

I know my weaknesses and I’ll procrastinate until the end of time before I start something.

My ahead planning meant spending my busy Saturday thinking of what i was going to cook.

I didn’t want anything to fancy, but I was in the mood to cook a nice dinner for the children.

I figured I should get like my wonderful mother and always make sure Sunday is a home cooked meal and for the past couple of Sundays in the New Year I’ve been sticking to it.

Yes, I am a busy woman and my kids understand that, but that can only be an excuse for so long.


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