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Love A Black Woman: Trying to make a dollar out of .50 Cents as a Single Parent & more Updates

If you’ve been missing the visits and not going over to, then here’s some past articles I’ve posted, plus more.

Trying to make a dollar out of .50 Cents as a Single Parent

In the living on the $14 dollar and hour series, we know already taking care of a family is no joke on the amount we receive.

Extra cash is always needed and with time being very little, there needs to be ways to get some extra loot in the pockets or on the bills and make a steady stream of disposable income to help out.

There are a lot of was that a person can make a legitimate amount of money. Some include working extra shifts and/or working an extra part time job out of the home.

Yet, as a single parent, working away from the home is never a good idea because a parent really needs to be as close to the kids as possible.

But don’t you hate to choose between making money and being with the kids?

Trust me, these issues came up for me many a time. I’ve had to refuse assignments to go out of town or speaking engagements because I couldn’t leave the kids alone and no one could watch them for me.



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