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Sylvia Hubbard’s on Ebay

My mother always told me when I see some people selling my work without my permission I should really find it a compliment, make sure it’s on the up and up and then just take it as is.

Some authors go off the charts when they see their work being sold by book bargain dealers and so forth.

For me, I do find it quite a compliment.

So today in my emails (the million I get) I see that google alerts tells me that I’m on ebay. One of my books is listed on Ebay.

I think maybe when I click through to the link, it’ll give me something else, but sure enough I’m on ebay and there’s my book, Mistaken Identity selling for $15 bucks.

On a whim, I do a search on the site for myself and here are the results:

Redunkulous, as my 8 yr old says, but wow, $50 bucks for one of my books: Dreams of Reality.

I’m floored, but honored that someone would value my work that high.

I hope a bid off goes off. That’d be cool.

Okay, back to your regular scheduled day. Thanks for dropping in.

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