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How to read the current live story…If you’re just joining us

The Mysterious Mr. Black

First off the password for each section is:

mr black

don’t cap and don’t space after the k.

It will work.

To hurry and catch up with us, just go to the post titled:

Catching up with The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 1 thru 23

This will go through the parts but not in the order of the post. Its just one long post that will deleted after January 1, 2009.

If you’re sending (or receiving) this message before that time, hurry up. (Readers, please share this post with your friends as well)

To catch up with the later half of The Mysterious Mr. Black, just go to the category called work in progress

When you click on the older entries at the bottom of the page you can start reading upward to where we are now.

Hurry up! Catch up! Comment and let’s get this party over with.

(Although I’m a little sad to see Xavier and Jen go.)

Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

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