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Help Write the next live story….

While working on my current live story, The Mysterious Mr. Black, and going to an event last night, I thought of my next story. It’s a goodie. Though i haven’t thought of the plot twist yet.

i got the conflict between the two characters… he’s married. Indebted to a woman who gave him the money for his present fortune. While female protagonist wants nothing to do with another married man.

She was someone’s other for ten years of her life, produced twins and now is starting back over getting on her feet and getting her heart together enough to want to date “regular” guys again.

Oh boy, just as I was thinking of this, I came up with the plot twist. Oh boy Oh boy!

Oh top of this we’ll make this story line an interracial one. I haven’t done that one in a while.

I might like it.

Now I need your help.

First off, I need a name for the characters.

Black Female protagonist (Something unique and beautiful).

White Male protagonist. (Something strong, with a nice nickname too. just in case you don’t know me, please don’t suggest any Z names or the name Christopher. I hate typing Z names and I just hate typing Christopher. The letters are just too annoying to type on the keyboard.)

White female (wm protagonist wife) (Something vicious)

Other suggestions you may add:

The main story has to take place in Detroit, although we can start in another city if you like and move to Detroit.

Special circumstances:

If there is a fault you can think of that would challenge me as a writer suggest it.

Sample of faults: In HIS SUBSTITUTE WIFE… MY SISTER, our female protag had a touching problem. In STONE’S REVENGE, he was the son of a serial killer and she was in a wheelchair.

It can be physical, mental, or just emotional I need real day to day faults that would drive a person crazy and makes it really hard to love that other person.

Come on, guys, I know you know something crazy about a person.

Last thing…

Subscribe to these comments and After all the suggestions, I’d like you to come back and suggest a name for the book.

Now last time I asked for suggestions, we actually had the pleasure of getting Tanner’s Devil. So I hope this time we get even better because that story was off the chain.

Thanks in advance and if there’s an update on here.

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