When the affair goes public

I swear I was not going to go into the tiger woods mess, but the title of this blog just crossed my mind and I had to expound upon it.

At a recent relationship seminar I learned that most people are willing to take the spouse back as long as other did not know of the affair.

Now with all the crap hitting the fan for Tiger and his wife (a seemingly very private couple), a VARIOUS women are coming forward to admit having a relationship with him, this makes it more and more difficult for the couple to work out their problems.

And it’s even worse with the public attention.



4 thoughts on “When the affair goes public

  1. One of my ex-girlfriends cheated on me and didn’t tell me till she wanted to end the relationship. I should’ve beheaded her on the spot. Cheers!

    1. Good lawd!

      I can honestly say, she was probably trying to drive the knife in harder, but she was actually breaking up the wrong way. She needed to take a good class in customer service.

  2. I will say and continue to say that this problem is their problem not America’s problem. The media has to make a circus out of what is going on TWs lifebecause obviously they have nothing else to report. Is this information putting money in our accounts? NO. I also say, “those without sin…” or “take care of your backyard so that similar won’t happen to you.””
    I find that people are gleeful and want to make this topic part of the dinner experience. All I say enough is enough already. In Europe this would have been a nine day wonder or less. They take a differnt approach to infidelity than Americans do. Their attitude is more, mind your business. I feel that we really should focus on what’s important here in America and TW pulling down his zipper is not it!

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