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Mean is Sexy?…My male characters

Got an offline questions today from a reader:

sylvia, I read all your books. I love all of your books,but I must state you have a running theme with your male characters.

They are mean as hell.

And oddly, i’m married to the nicest man in the world. he’s loving kind and would never ever say one mean thing to me or hurt my feelings.

i think tat’s why i’m so drawn to your male characters. they are the epitome of meaness. they’re like the school bully you can’t help but like.

why do you create these mean guys? and how do you get them to be so damn likable.

Btw, Jaelen’s my favorite and lethal comes in second. I reread a couple of books and i think dalton comes in third but I want to find out more about him.

Xavier, he’s a strange one, but he’s getting to me to.

I thought the letter was funny and complimentary at the same time.

The writer of that letter will get her answer at the same time you will…


My dad was a dictator in our house as we were growing up. When I could be bad it never occured to me to be bad because my father had placed so much fear in my heart and mind that I thougtht he was watching me even when he wasn’t around.

Not the kind of fear that would make you call “the peoples” on him, but the respect fear that all good daddies and mommies instill in they’re children.

It was awe inspiring

I think a while back I did let people know, the basis of my male characters come from my father, with a mixture of my high school sacastic male best friend along with the silliness of my brother. I must say there is a lot of lovemaking from my first lover and my junior high best friend in there too.

Each one of these men made a great impact on me and the male characters that I come up with.

My favorite? I get asked that a lot.

I’d say William from Stone’s Revenge.

All the men that made an influence upon me were all very likable… or even very lovable and I can say despite what other thought of them, I loved them deeply.

So to make them likable was very easy because I was in love with the characters even before I put pen to paper.

My male characters are like they are because that’s all I’ve known and what I was raised around and I’m glad you enjoy them as well.

your author, Sylvia Hubbard


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