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About book:

When Naomi is scarred by a horrible crime, her old seductress ways were put to rest, while she coped with the fact that men did not find her attractive anymore. Yet, when she ventures on the Internet and finds a man who will love her despite her appearance, she realizes that beauty is only skin deep, but deception is ugly to the bone.



Short But Strong!,

By Denise Bolds “Lion Who Reads A Lot!” (New York United States) – See all my reviews

I have to give Sylvia Hubbard her props – this book was a short one = a quickie and Sylvia managed to charge a reasonable price and deliver a good story as well. The romance for Prince was a little too short – but I do love how the characters in the stories connrct in some way. ..


cabin fever,

By T. Carey (louisiana) – See all my reviews

Cabin Fever: Heart of Detroit SeriesCabin Fever is good book. I really love how the author brought Prince and Naomi together before she found out that it was Prince who was suppose to protect her the night she got attack by an angry wife. Lethal Heart is a force to be wreckin with in the story because is very protected of Naomi. Prince Heart really did give Naomi a weekend to remember to bad she thought it was the other man she met on the internet. But in end Prince was able to tell Naomi how he really feel about her. This is another book that didn’t have a dramatic cliffhanger but still a fantasic read if you are familar with the Heart of Detroit Series.


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