I haven’t forgotten you and Mr. Black

So so so durn sorry for the delay.

In the swing of conference and all heck is hitting the fan.


The flash drive with the left off story is… where else, with the printer.

I had all the conference things on there and the printer needed it to get the signage off and print.

I’m anxiously waiting for it to be returned to me….

or maybe she’s secretly a fan of mine and she is now reading the chapter before you all.

That’d be a hoot….

Or a really good story.

Anywho, I am going to be a good author and TRY try try try to post tonight.

I said try, so stop blowing up my phone with the threatening text messages or dangling snicker bars around me to entice me to relase the secret of The Mysterious Mr. Black. . .  you know who you are, LOL.

BTW, got an email today from a guy reader, who hasn’t commented on the story online, but sent me something offline.

I was shocked I had a guy reader. He said he heard about me through his ex-wife. ha ha.

He was surprised he was actually enjoying the story (He joined through the facebook group initially and then came to the site after reading 1 through 23.)

He said he was anticipating the next parts and he liked how female readers interacted with me and I with the readers.

okay, gotta go and i’ll be back. I’m so sorry.

I promise we’ll finish this baby soon.

5 thoughts on “I haven’t forgotten you and Mr. Black

  1. You are forgiven….just update….thank you for amazing story…keep going…don’t stop!!!!!!!!!

  2. I will never harass you about the posts. However, I will harass you about your upcoming books in print! Seriously, I enjoyed the recent additions. Jen being pregnant was a surprise, but wasn’t unexpected. Knowing Jen, she will have it and keep it. (I hope that doesn’t happen). Keep up the good work. Have a great day.

  3. I think Jen’s reaction was kneejerk for her not wanting the baby after the things that happened, but I think her feelings will change when she gets use to the news and starts to realize that regardless of the father she will be it’s mother and starts to love and want the baby. Here’s hoping so, because having lost one baby getting rid of another would probably destroy her. eagerly awating chapter 27. Thanks

  4. hi

    I dnt beleive this is happening to me……seriously. I tried getting to Mr Black parts 1-23 but can’t. the password you sent me wont work…..please help

  5. oh! and one mo thing…..I cannot get Emperor out of my head….honestly. am not harassing you ( its not like I don’t want to read the book so badly,LOL!) but ……..help a girl out. Yeah. I know you are doing everything u can to get it out!!!1

    Am just sayn

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