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BREAKING NEWS from DONNA HILL! A Private Affair Hits Stores Monday, June 29th!

A Private Affair Release
Debra Owsley, Fan Club President, enlightened you on June 9th, with the revelation that “A Private Affair” is the book that changed Donna’s career! 
As a member of Donna’s fan club, you know what a GREAT author she is, now it’s time to enlighten others! 
It would be awesome to see Donna on the Best Seller List of the New York Times and USA Today; just to name a few.  Your support is needed in order to achieve a goal of this magnitude.
What Can You Do?
Buy the book from a retail bookstore such as; Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or Borders.  Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to make purchases from the retail stores on June 29th.   A bestselling book is not unlike a movie becoming a box office smash.  Every book that sells on “Opening Day” drives the author and the book towards a spot on the Best Seller List!  Every book that sells on June 29th and thru July 5th, positions Donna to make the Best Seller List!


Your Personal Bonus

Entry into the exclusive Fan Club Members Only, “A Private Affair” Contest.


Contest Qualifications & Rules

Purchase a copy of A PRIVATE AFFAIR
Purchase MUST occur between JUNE 29 and JULY 5 at a retail bookstore (Note: All other dates and types (Amazon, Abe’s, etc) of purchases will be disqualified)
Make a copy of your receipt (showing the date of purchase and the item)
Mail your receipt along with your email address and your full name to:


                         Donna Hill
                         232 Macon Street
                         Brooklyn, NY

All entries must be received by July 15, 2009


1st prize $100.00
2nd prize Victoria Secret Gift Certificate
3rd prize 2 Movie tickets to movie of your choice


You joined the Donna Hill Fan Club to support Donna’s literary success. NOW is the time to put those words into action! 
Be sure to get your copy of A PRIVATE AFFAIR, the second it hits book stores on June 29th!  You gotta be in it to win it!

Thank you for your support
Donna´s fan club site:

Classic Galas & Public Relations
1075 Easton Avenue
Somerset, New Jersey 08873


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