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When is Too Many; Too Much | Real Life Mistaken Identity

This week was my reality week when it came to relationships. As you know, I have a new take on life and with that new life, I’ve become much clearer in my wants and needs out of men. I really couldn’t explain why it’s gotten me a clearer explaination on everything, but I like it.

Me and a girlfriend start discussing a new life outlook and she says, you know Syl, all those freaky books you read will make guys think you’re like that.

I tell her my usual, “I’m just bad on paper so I can be good in life,” bit.

Yeah, but I got friends who’ve read Mistaken Identity. They think you’re like that and they’re connecting. Like Mistaken Identity. My cousin thinks you wrote her life story almost. And I still can’t believe that is real.”

Next day after that conversation, I get a email from my assistant and author, Monica Marie Jones.

Her email says:

A Real Life Mistaken Identity!

I couldn’t believe it! I couldnt’ believe that reality was upstaging my story, Mistaken Identity. Matter of fact, I might have to write a sequel or coinciding story to give it a new twist.

Reality is always better than fiction.

Whoever said this was preaching the truth and the fact that this really happened and the doctor broke down how it happened was just amazing in itself that my imagination could have spoken this man’s exact words in my book, Mistaken Identity.

Research can really make or break a story and in this regards, my research for this book was on point. The condition for this pregnancy is called  . If you can’t say that three times real fast, then just say, bi-parental.  Although I’m kinda wondering wouldn’t you want to call it bi-paternal since this couldn’t happen in mother’s. Well, if there’s an egg donation to another female who carries, but the DNA would still be of the original mother, not broken in half. Oh. That sounds like more research. Fun Time begins! (Yes, I do not get out much).

For any of you that have read Mistaken Identity and not been a believer about the “twist” now I can say, Nah! Nah! Nah!


Man! That was a day.

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book, you can pick it up at Amazon!

You’ll love it!

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